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Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam


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Also on:PS2, DS, GBA
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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

- Button Respawn
+ Button Pause
2 button Crouch (Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
Combo #1 Steer = Tilt Remote Left and Right
Combo #2 Balance = Tilt Remote Left and Right When Performing Grind Tricks
Combo #3 Rotate In Air = Tilt Remote Left or Right While Performing Tricks In Air
Combo #4 2 Button (Hold) + Control Pad (Any Direction) = Grab Trick
Combo #5 1 Button + Control Pad (Any Direction) = Flip Trick (While In Air)
Combo #6 2 Button (Press and Release), 1 Button (When Near Rail or Ledge) = Grind Trick
Combo #7 No Comply = Quickly Flick Remote Upward, Just Before Tapping or Releasing 2 Button
Combo #8 Boneless = Quickly Flick Remote Upward and Press 2 Button

Control Pad Left/Right = Attack
B Button Activate Zone Bone Speed Boost
1 Button Wallride (Hold When Approaching Wall At Angle). Attack (When Near Other Skaters On Ground).
2 Button Wallie. Sticker Slap (When Jumping Into Wall).
Combo #1 Control Pad (Any Direction) + 1 or 2 Button (Double-Tap) = Double-Tap Flips and Grabs
Combo #2 Flip (While Doing Grab In Air) = Quickly Flick Remote Upward To Perform Back Flip or Downward To Perform Front Flip
Combo #3 Powerslide = Tilt Remote Left or Right and Press A Button To Slide In Corresponding Direction. Release A Button When Meter Turns Green.
Combo #4 Bail Recovery = Shake Remote Upward and Downward Until Meter Turns Green
Combo #5 Zone Bone Speed Boost = Shake Remote Quickly When Zone Bone Gets Full (See Right Side Of Screen)
Combo #6 2 Button (Press and Release) + A Button + 1 or 2 Button = Special Trick (First Ollie From Ramp or High Location)