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Also on:PS2, DS, GBA
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While it isnt Project8 this game isnt ALL downhill

posted by Tsizee (ASHLAND, KY) Jan 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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Fellow gamers this is a difficult game to review. I warn you i am in love with Tony Hawk games so this review could be slightly biased. First of all just from the name you must realise this IS NOT your average Tony Hawk game. It is more like SSX. While their are Trick gamemodes even it is racing against the clock. This game is a true at heart racing game. Unfortunatly your not gonna be playin as Bam,Burnquist,Valley,etc. Tony Hawk IS the only real skater. While the other characters are crazy, funny, and interesting it will never replace the skaters we love. But enough of that. Your simple race begins with a skit from one of the characters and then you well race... DOWNHILL. You can grab flip and grind your way to the finish line. (sorry no manuals without a cheat)You can even hit one of your fellow racers. So are you stuck with one of the few skaters the premade for you? No gladly their is a surprising amount of customization choices allowing you to express yourself. BUT most importantly how are the controls. Well i have surprisingly NO problems with it. You do not use a nunchuck you just tilt the controller on it's side. 2 jumps and grabs, 1 flips and grinds and a does special. (You tilt to move) The way you prgress through the game is the worst part about it. You cant just do a quck race without a buddy. You have to unlock it by playing small sections of one map. A full map is actually rather large. Their is Salom where you go for gates that give you more time. Trick which you try to get points by goin for slow mo gates. Your normal race. And several different special events some being grind time knockdown and destruction. Oh and the soundtrack is kickin it.(sorry for that) So dont believe the rant about the shallowness of this game it is fun to play over and over again especially with a friend. It is a fantastic rental and an even better buy because once you let go of it you will be beggin for more. Thank you for reading this review hope it helped you out. 7/10

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Great Game, Great Graphics

posted by Rockey (FOLSOM, CA) Jun 13, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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The title explains it all. It's a fun racing game that is very realistic. It has very long races and they all have many, many shortcuts. You can't go wrong with this game. The only disadvantage of the game is there are not many places to race, but, on the bright side, they all have lots of objectives and most of the objectives you only do one part of the track so it seems like many different tracks. This game you got to rent!

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the best skate boarding game

posted by guncrazy (WAYLAND, NY) Apr 15, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

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This game is tonys best game yet. In this game tony sends you on a world tour with some other new skaters. Evrey time you start a race, salom, or trick contest you her funny phrases from the skaters and you her things to help you find out things about skaters. Play as all the skaters and unlock boards and outfits to help you get better. Fly through tons of enviorments and have a blast setting records and whouping skaters butts in this hot skating game.

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