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Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam


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Also on:Wii, PS2, GBA
GF Rating

94 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

Control Pad Up/Down = Manual
A Button Grab Trick (Press Control Pad)
B Button Crouch (Press and Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
Y Button Flip Trick (Press Control Pad)
Combo #1 B Button (Press and Release) + X Button + Control Pad = Grind Trick (When Near Rail or Grindable Surface)
Combo #2 Control Pad Up (Tap Quickly) + B Button (Tap/Release) = No Comply
Combo #3 Control Pad Up (Double-Tap) + B Button (Release) = Boneless
Combo #4 B Button + Control Pad (Up) = Wallride (First Ollie Into Wall While Holding X Button)
Combo #5 A Button (Double-Tap) or X Button (Double-Tap) + Control Pad (Up/Down) = Flatland Trick (While In a Manual)
Combo #6 A Button (Double-Tap) or X Button (Double-Tap)= Grind Branching (While In the Middle of Grind Trick)