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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


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Also on:Xbox, PS2, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Directional Pad Up = Lean Forward/Exit Pool/Skitching. Down = Brake/Lean Back. Left/Right = Skater Control and Balancing.
Left Thumbstick Up = Lean Forward/Exit Pool. Down = Brake/Lean Back. Left/Right = Skater Control and Balancing. Focus Mode (Click).
Right Thumbstick Camera Control. Lock Camera (Click).
A Button Crouch (Press and Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
B Button Grab Tricks (With Direction)
X Button Flip Tricks (With Direction)
Y Button Grind Tricks (When Near Grindable Surface). Lip Tricks (At Lip Only). Throw Tantrum (Tap Repeatedly After Bailing).
Left Button Fast Spin. Bert Slide Modifier.
Right Button Fast Spin. Bert Slide (With Direction).
Left Trigger Nollie Position (On Ground). Pressure. Revert (When Landing). Spine Transfer/Level Out (In Air).
Right Trigger Switch Stance (On Ground). Revert (When Landing). Spine Transfer/Level Out (In Air).
Start Pause
Back Camera Selection
Combo #1 Directional Pad Up, Down = Manual
Combo #2 Directional Pad Down, Up = Nose Manual
Combo #3 Right Trigger or Left Trigger = Revert (When Landing)
Combo #4 Directional Pad Up, A Button = No Comply
Combo #5 Directional Pad Up, Up, A Button = Boneless
Combo #6 Release A Button to Ollie, Then Press and Hold A Button = Boned Ollie
Combo #7 Right Trigger + Y Button + Direction = Stall
Combo #8 Jump Onto Pole or Hydrant, Left or Right Button + Y = Natas Spin
Combo #9 Down, Down, Right Button = Powerslide 180
Combo #10 When Performing a Flip or Grab Trick, Double Tap: Down = Backflip, Up = Front Flip, Left/Right = Frontside/Backside Roll.

Directional Pad Control Character
Left Thumbstick Control Character
A Button Jump
Y Button Tagging
Right Button Grab Ledge
Combo #1 Right Button + Left Button = Switch From Skating to Walking
Combo #2 When Facing Wall, Press Directional Pad Up + Right Button = Wall Run
Combo #3 Perform Wall Run, Then Directional Pad Down + A Button = Wall Flip
Combo #4 Run and Release A Button, Then Press A Button in Air to Front Tuck. To Back Tuck, Use Same Controls While Standing.

Left Thumbstick Control and Balance Bike
A Button Pedal Bike (Press and Hold). Bunny Hop (Press and Release).
B Button X-Up (In Air). Secondary Trick (After Wheelie or Endo).
X Button Switch From Skating to Riding Bike
Y Button Grind
Left Button Front Brake
Right Button Rear Brake
Left Trigger Fast Flip
Right Trigger Acid Drop. Spine Transfer. Quick 180.