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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


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Also on:Xbox, PS2, GC
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GF Rating

Very Good

This game is actully fun...

posted by DEAFIL (FRESNO, CA) Aug 19, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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For the first time ever, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland gives players the freedom to experience continuous skating and BMX biking action without leaving the game or waiting for load times as they explore and choose missions in a massive, living Los Angeles skate world.

Let's go ahead and get the Xbox 360 specifics out of the way. The first thing you should know is that, as its name would suggest, this is the exact same game that you'll find on the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. Unlike what happened when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 was designed for the PS2, and the PSOne release was a massively stripped-down version of the PS2 game, the game's content is identical across both console generations.
The level layouts are exactly the same, which is fine because they're pretty good. The geometric detail that makes up said levels is identical as well, so even though the game is on a much more powerful system on the Xbox 360, you're still working with the same amount of raw polygon data.

The only real upgrades you'll see in the game at all, content or graphics-wise, are better textures, a subtle bit of normal mapping and a tad bit better lighting effects. The most obvious difference is the resolution of the textures. We're not saying they're as detailed as some other games we'll see on the system, but there's a pretty reasonable difference between, say, the original Xbox and Xbox 360 versions. The street texture for one looks quite a bit better, and you'll notice that ramps and sidewalks have more defined cracks and joints. The subtle bit of normal mapping is best seen on the skaters, where you can make out pants pockets, shirt wrinkles and those sorts of details. Again, it's subtle, but it's nice. You'll also see what looks like a bit of normal mapping happening on some of the ramps and such in the game, like bricks for instance, but the effect is so minor that it's hard to make out whether it's an advanced lighting technique or just nice texture work.

The ratings= 8.3

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GF Rating

Very Good

Tried and True

posted by Lawnmower (LEHI, UT) Sep 9, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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This game has fantastic gameplay, solid music, and just about every feature you could want in a Tony Hawk game.

The only problem is the God-awful voice acting, groan-inducing characters and dialog, and ridiculously horrendous story that has more holes than swiss cheese. But I see no need to care about that. While there are a few hilarious objectives (creepy "bag of tricks guy"), you'll be pretty safe skipping most cutscenes.

And you'll have a blast with the always-fantastic Tony Hawk's control scheme, riding BMX is fun too, and if you hate the story as much as I do, you'll be glad to know there is a classic mode, free mode, and all of the Create-a-blank modes you could hope for.

And last but not least, there aren't any lame achievements that require you to beat the game on Sick, etc. My take on sick mode is this: I could beat it, but it takes forever and isn't even fun. So I am glad for this.

If you have never played a Tony Hawk game before, don't make this one your first! But it is a good addition to the series.

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GF Rating


This game was awesome!

posted by DethEngine (LONGVIEW, WA) Jul 3, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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I loved this game! this was the best Tony Hawk game ever!

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