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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


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GF Rating


Pretty good

posted by DownyWorm (DENTON, TX) Apr 18, 2006

Member since Nov 2003

The game is good and all but the only thing that i dont like about it is the graphics...i mean it looks like the normale xbox game. i mean come on we paid like 450$ for the flippin thing so is there was like some download in the market place to upgrade the graphics that would be cool.

Any ways the games is pretty lippin good.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by MCkiller (ROMEOVILLE, IL) Jul 2, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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This game is fun, ON THE XBOX!!!!!!! THATS WHAT THIS IS THE XBOX (or PS2) VERSION!!! EVERYTHING IS THE SAME!!!! I mean c'mon the game costs 50 freaking dollars for the 360 and it costs 30 dollars on the Xbox and PS2, DO NOT BUY THIS, RENT IT!!!! OR YOULL NEVER FORGIVE YOURSELF!! If EA does this again I am dropping the series since this is what they're doing, pro skater 1-4 for the 64 id give a 10 to, underground would get a 9 THUG 2 id give a 1 since that was downright horrible, and THAW is of course a 2.

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How not to make a video game

posted by NomarElBad (NORWALK, CA) Feb 8, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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So, the biggest reason that I got this game is because of the fact that I’m an achievement head! That said, I still like to play all sorts of games (good an bad) to learn from them, as I am studying to one day become a game designer. The first thing I notice about the game is the whole old school, punker wanna-be theme going on, from the music to the art and clothes the characters wear. I’m thinking great, now I’m going to be playing as one of those kids I used to make fun of in high school for not catching up with the times. Progressing into the early challenges of the game, I can’t help but notice that while I did start the difficulty on sick, these challenges are still easy, even for the beginning. Being a Tony Hawk Vet, I was expecting a lot more, which only disappointed me more when later I find out they are ALL like that. The game is WAY too easy! Also, the game feels like one GIANT tutorial! Until the last few maps, you never actually have all the abilities in the game! And the abilities you learn as opposed to those you already have are ridiculous! Grind anything at the beginning of the game and you have no problem free styling the grinds, but you’ll have to wait until the “Skate Club” (almost half way into the game) teaches you to free style manual tricks? The story was cheesy to say the least, and the new Parkour and bike features are less than appealing. I have yet to find anything more useless than the Board Smack and Toss, save for tagging. There are also too many things that made too little sense, like why you go to bums earn cash or why some dude teaching to ride a bike drops some flow cause you learned a new trick! The achievements were also a big joke. Play all maps on live? What, is this like where everyone gets a trophy for trying? The game was riddled with bugs, from poor acid drop and spine transfer snapping to spots where you can float and get points with ease. Overall I’d give this one a 2 or a 3 out of 10, only for the ach heads :D

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