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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


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Fat Albert The Movie reference

The Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel are from Fat Albert; even knowing they say that they are from Philadelphia.

Hollywood: Construction worker trying to levitate goat:

At the bowl on the roof near the skate shop, get on the second rail going towards the skate shop wall and sticker slap. Jump on the third (and top) rail then jump off towards the wall you are going towards. Dismount and you will be in an apartment. If you look near the bed in story mode, there is a construction worker trying to levitate a goat.

Hollywood: Tony Hawk's Underground reference

During the mission when you have to get a 2,000 point, 5,000 point, and 10,000 point combo, after the dinosaur comes down the bus that hits it has "THUG" on the front, which refers to Tony Hawk's Underground. However, if you check the front of the bus after or before the mission, it reads "THAW", referring to Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Van's Skate Park: Electrocution

Go around to where the sign that says to dismount is located. There is a electrical box that serves as a ramp. Climb up to the top and get off your board. There is a pole on top that you can see electricity flowing through. Hit it with your board and you will see your character get shocked, and you will restart on the ground.

Van's Skate Park: Bathroom

On the lowest level there is a door in a corner. Sticker Slap it and go up the quarterpipe. You will come down on another quarterpipe, and at the top of the screen the message "Yuck!" will appear.

Developer appearance

During the sequence when you rescue Boone from the Black Widows, the person riding the cow is Joel Jewett from Neversoft.

Das Oath-Awesome R***:

To hear a very small portion of Awesome R***, play Dead Kennedys-Uber Alles. Wait a few seconds after the track is finished. You should hear about a half a second of the introduction.

Pigeon hunt

Once you get the telescope for the Skate Ranch, it should be on a barren solid concrete arch, on a wooden stand.

Easy points

To get a very easy high score, Rail Stall or Natas Spin. Do as many trick mods as you can before you fall. Before you fall, activate Focus mode. This makes it easier to balance. While in Focus mode, continue doing trick mods until you reach the maximum time limit. When you leave Focus mode, jump off quickly because you will most likely fall if you do not. It is possible to get over 2,000,000 points by doing this

Avoiding crashes

When you do a trick off a ramp into the air, and it appears that you are going to crash, get off your skateboard while still in the air. You should land safely on your feet.

Shred your board

At Iggyz place by the entrance, there is a wood shredder (as seen as you first get into the skate park). It reads "Trespassers enter here" Throw your board into the mouth. The board will be shown coming out in shreds.

Bike tricks

While on your bike you can do tricks that you have not learned yet, at any time.

Flames and sparks without the cheat

Do a Primo Handstand. When your skater is doing the handstand, immediately press R. He will land the trick and there should be flames/sparks coming from his board. REMEMBER: This may require a few attempts. Also, you cannot do grinds, grabs, or anything to do with airing out of a half pipe.

Beverly Hills: Air conditioner soccer

Go up on a roof with AC units. Kick one off of the building, then kick it to the place where the guard was when you had to skitch the dog. Get a friend to join you, and you can play soccer. The walls will be the goals.

East L.A.: Run through clothes

Go to the clothes shop. You can run all around the store and thorough the clothes, unlike in the other shops