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Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land

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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land

Control Pad Control Skater
A Button Grab Tricks (Hold, With Direction)
B Button Crouch (Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
X Button Grind Tricks (With Direction, Near Grindable Surface). Lip Tricks (With Direction, on Lip). Revert (While Landing).
Y Button Flip Tricks (With Direction)
R Button Revert (While Landing). Switch Stance.
Combo #1 Control Pad Up, Control Pad Down = Manual
Combo #2 Control Pad Down, Control Pad Up = Nose Manual
Combo #3 Tap Control Pad Up Before Tapping or Releasing B Button = No Comply
Combo #4 Double-Tap Control Pad Up, Release B Button = Boneless, Fastplant, or Beanplant
Combo #5 When your special meter is filled, press the button on the bottom left corner of the Touch Screen to go into slow-mo focus control.
Combo #6 L Button, B Button = Nollie
Combo #7 Ollie Into Wall + X Button = Wallride.
Combo #8 While Wallriding, Press B Button = Wallie
Combo #9 While Wallriding, Press Control Pad Up + B = Wallieplant
Combo #10 Jump Into Wall + B Button = Wallplant/Sticker Slap

Combo #1 Press R Button When Launching Over a Spine = Spine Transfer
Combo #2 Control Pad Up = Skitching. Press Control Pad Left/Right During Skitch to Balance Skater.
Combo #3 Once in Manual, Double Tap A, X, or Y Button for Flatland Tricks
Combo #4 Control Pad Any Direction + Double-Tap Flip or Grab Trick Button = Advanced Flips and Grabs
Combo #5 In the middle of a grind or lip trick, double-tap A, X, or Y Button or any combination to change your trick.
Combo #6 When performing a Flip or Grab Trick, customize your move in mid-air by double-tapping the Control Pad any direction.
Combo #7 Double Tap Control Pad Left/Right = Quick 180
Combo #8 Press R Button While Jumping Over Quarterpipe = Acid Drop
Combo #9 L Button + Control Pad Left/Right = Bert Slide
Combo #10 Jump Into Pole/Fire Hydrant + X Button = Natas Spin