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Tony Hawk's American Sk8Land

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Change ribbon color

When you turn the DS on, go to "System Settings" at the bottom of the screen (it is the picture of the DS). Go to "Personal Settings" (the picture of a person) and tap the color scheme (the top option, with the squares). Select a color, press A, press B(2), then press A again. Start the DS again, this time starting the game. Anytime you do a spine transfer, flip, roll, etc., there will be a trail of color coming out of your board. That color should be the one you selected.

Secret board and graffiti art

Go to the Graffiti Editor. Use the stylus to select the tool in the upper-left corner of the bottom screen. Next, at the color palette at the bottom, choose the bright red that is in the bottom row and color the top part of the board red, so that you have two-thirds of the board remaining. Make sure you color every part of the top portion or it will not work. Next, choose the bright green in the bottom row in the color palette and color the middle section green. Again, make sure you get every part in the middle section. Finally, use the bright blue in the bottom row of the palette and color the entire bottom portion blue. Once you have done that, double-check that you have everything colored in and you have not missed a spot, and that each color takes up one-third of the board. Now, in the color palette, touch the color in the top row all the way to the left, then touch the color swapper tool (the object that looks like two boxes with an arrow between them). You should now have a picture of two stick men holding various objects. Do the entire process again, only this time do it in the Board Editor. When you have fill the board with the appropriate colors in the correct places as described above, select the "transparent" color, and choose the color swapper tool. The picture magically changes to a pixelated Scottish man, complete with kilt and golf club.

How to get on the roof two different ways

When your knocking down the trash cans thers a opening beetween the rail on your left hand side the 2 way the porson will tell you.