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GF Rating

12 ratings

Movie Details

  • Release Date 7/3/2006
  • Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Platform PSP Movies
  • Genre Comedy

Language, Strong Sexual Content Including Dialogue

Movie Description

A bunch of rich guys make a bet: last remaining bachelor wins. The guys pony up wads of cash and set it aside as the winner's prize. With just two of the friends still single, one of them, Michael Delaney (Jerry O'Connell), tanks at a casino in Vegas. Deep in the hole with gambling debt, he needs the money. But in order to get it, he'll have to find his friend Kyle (Jake Busey) a bride. It ain't gonna be easy. Kyle's an absolute pig whom women find repulsive. Plenty of nuttiness follows, with Delaney trying one ridiculous stunt after another to try and get Kyle to tie the knot. Delaney gets in his own way when he starts falling for Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth), the woman he's trying to pawn off on Kyle.

Specs & Requirements

Length 95

Theatrical Release Date 2001

Subtitles English

Screen Format 1.85:1

Languages English, French