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Its not Perfect (10) but it is AWESOME! (9)

posted by JohnnyDark (SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2010

I am only 25% thru but I love this so far, its especially good for me because I am very disabled so I cant go out and when I play this (I use 2d to 3d tv) I feel like i am in a cave with dripping water or in a temple like im there. I only wish they had made it in real 3d. The parts I dont like are the few times where you have to exactly punch buttons in sequence and if you dont you die and have to do it over and over about 6 times! That was unnecessary. I do love the way you can make your own decisions for the most part on where you want to go and what you want to do. You could play this over and over and have a different experience almost every time! AWESOME!

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GF Rating


yes please

posted by xthexcoonxx (MARKSVILLE, LA) Mar 9, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

all i can say is to go buy this game right now

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great 3rd person action

posted by dtigertron (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Mar 8, 2013

Member since Jun 2009

From some of the pre views, I hoped it would have more of an open world interaction. Not too disappointed that it didn't, cause it wasn't advertised as open world. Why so much talk about open world, that is my kind of action game.
Don't be mistaken, this game delivers a great experience. There is just NO RE PLAYABILITY. Now, to be fair, it did have a multiplayer feature that I didn't even touch. I assume it is like other online shooters, and have had my fill for a while, by playing shooters built for online specifically . Now that I am writing this, I am going to research the multiplayer, cause some times they can have unique experiences, at any rate my review has nothing to do with multiplayer.
The combat was fun, especially once Lara was able to use her axe in close encounters. The tombs, that were just puzzles, were a fun change of pace. Overall the game play was fun and had tense and light moments where I felt I got a good range of experiences, because there were different ways to approach areas and large groups of enemies.
Overall I realy enjoyed this rent, and this is why I love game fly, because when people are talking about there great experiences with games that are more about the story, such as this type of action game, I can say that I had that experience and have something to talk about. Too me, the price of modern games are too high, just for that experience. So, God bless Game Fly!
Summary: Great experience, only need to play once through, but will enjoy it while the story lasts.

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