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Spectacular w/ Flaws

posted by joetrujillo91 (WEST JORDAN, UT) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Tomb Raider overall was an amazing re-boot for the franchise. It had absolutely beautiful scenery, a very deep and well written story, and a decent open world feel to it. One of the main flaws of the games campaign was that it was a bit of a rail ride. On normal mode the game seemed very easy and felt like it didn't take a lot of skill to complete. A bit movie-esque. There were multiple times where the game would cut to a cut scene without you really knowing because all you were doing was holding up or X. This is all being a bit nit picky of course, and overall the game was a very good experience. I just hope for a longer campaign in the next title for the franchise.

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Lara is back!

posted by SmorgasOfBorg (CONCORD, NC) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Lara is back, and better than ever. What an outstanding experience, top to bottom (pun intended). Lara is both beautifully done, and emotionally engaging. Surprises abound at every turn. A great experience that, almost, brings back memories of old. The controls are not as clean as past version of the game, but other than that, its a great game. 9/10

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Very Good

Almost Uncharted

posted by JahSoulSun (LINDENWOLD, NJ) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2010

This game is good, on the verge of being great. It plays virtually identical to the Uncharted series as far as the 3rd person gameplay/cutscene sequences, gunplay, and platforming. The graphics are great and the game plays very well. My problems with the game are the little things. First, yes, the voice acting is done very well, and the cutscenes are done right as well, however, aside from Lara Croft herself, there is not one other memorable character. Even the main "bad guy" of the game has little backstory told by books you gather and read through the game. One of the things I loved about the Uncharted games is all the characters you get to know and have feelings of attachment or hate towards. (Examples: Sully) I really couldn't tell you another characters name in this game other than Lara, a day after I had beaten it. Also, I thought the story was very simple. Virtually one story line for the whole game as opposed to Uncharted where you travel the world, go to different locations, different style tombs, etc. In conclusion, If you have played the Uncharted series and want more, check this out, but don't expect the humor, character development, or story that makes the Uncharted series what it is. This is a good first attempt for whoever made this game, and overall I am glad they made it. If anything, it gives the Uncharted Naughty Dog team some competition and maybe a couple ways they could tweak gameplay.

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