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Amazing game!!

posted by 21fox83 (CHINO HILLS, CA) Mar 16, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I love what Square and Crystal did with this series. I hope they make more of series. They added the ability to upgrade weapons and now you have skills that you can upgrade. I didn't try the online game so I can't write anything about that. The game itself was pretty short, I beat it 100% on hard in 1.5 days, they need to make a longer game

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posted by nemesioucr (YUCAIPA, CA) Mar 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

I was hooked from the very beginning! Best graphics! Even better than God of War.

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Revamping did this series alot of good

posted by Phoehammer (MEDFORD, ME) Mar 15, 2013

Member since May 2010

Highlights: Enganging story, Fun mini-events, Survival horror-Esqe feel to it, Decent combat system, Lara actually seems human...

Low Lives: Puzzles are way too easy, Minor glitch issues with the enviroment that can get you killed

While the first Tomb Raider was puzzle driven and lacking any real story, this new installment seems to have gone in the opposite direction. For the most part this is a good thing. The controls are mostly solid and let you do what you need to in order to get across the intricate enviroments.
When near enemies Lara changes her stance automatically and takes cover where she can, You can even stealth kill enemies...or take out a group of guys chit-chatting with a well placed fire arrow...and these guys do have alot to say.
Its an on the rails kind of adventure that thrusts you forward with its many, well done, mini-events(such as one that ends with you desperately grabbing a parachute and using it while you are falling after an rather unpleasent swim) however it doesnt cut you off from previous areas completely thanks to its fast travel system.
Once found, treasure maps in each area will let you know just what you are missing...however each area has an hidden special objective (tearing down effigies, burning hanging sacks or posters, Ect.) that you wont know about until you get one of these after which the number of said hidden item will show up along with the other treasures.
My only real complaint is the puzzle system....which was vastly inferior for a Tomb Raider title. you wont spend longer than 8 mins figuring out and completing any of its "Brain-Busters" and this is especially sad in regardes to the hidden tombs...which should have alot more meat to them.
That said i still look forward to more Tomb Raider titles with this survival horror feel to them. Once i started playing i couldnt put the controller down

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