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Brilliant Reinstallment!

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 7, 2013

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The visually stunning reinstallment shows that EA's Crytek isn't the only developer group that can immerse you in a vividly, realistic environment. Tomb Raider is far better than the last title that was for the consoles.
Tomb Raider plays as a third person, adventure freeroam... With puzzles and a very well made game interface that will keep you in the seat wanting to know what happens next.

As Laura Croft a newly-starting Archaeologist she sets off into an adventure that was not as simple as it seemed.
With partially complete historical documents of a ancient tribe the Yamatai seeking out artifacts of the Sun Queen... Laura links the documents into a treacherous Island--the Bermuda triangle of the Asia's--the Miyake Island nicknamed The Dragon's triangle. Located in what sailors call The Devil's Sea... Laura and the crew of the ship called "Endurance" crash landed on the Dragon's triangle.
While Laura trys to regroup and plan how to get off the Island... Laura finds that they are not alone on the seemingly cursed Island, which is inhabited by ruthless survivors known as the SolarII(So-lar-ee).
Now Laura has to find out a way to get off the Island and survive.

Rumors are: they are making a new movie with the same story base and it is a real interesting and enriched story.
Square Enix delivered a game that surpasses all the previous installments of Tomb Raider. The level system makes sense -- Laura gradually finds tools and uses these tools to oblige her in the adventure. Lot of the upgrades to weapons involve you actually finding items.
You will stumble across tombs that are all optional, instead of going threw one massive tomb(like previous titles) .

They also threw in a multiplayer for the game... Its sorta like Uncharted's multiplayer. I think it could have been left out and added more single player content, but that is my opinion.
Either way its awesome check it out.

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epic, graphics are amazing. amazing gameplay.

posted by kingposeidon21 (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 22, 2013

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this game was VERY VERY well done. graphics are amazing, the storyline is flawless. i became hooked on this game within the first 5 minutes because of the kickass opening. i highly recommend playing this game. im about halfway through the game at the moment and it already deserves a rating of 10

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Excellent Gameplay, Graphics, and Storyline!

posted by biblejeff (EDMOND, OK) May 12, 2013

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I loved this game! It fully met my expectations in every area for the Tomb Raider series! Everything seemed to fit together quite nicely, and was quite enjoyable to play.

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