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Very Good

8 stars

posted by chessis57 (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO) Apr 5, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I gave it 8 stars because it was really close to being uncharted except a few major differences. The game did have a few bugs at first but then a new update came. Most bugs were fixed so, that was good. I like the new Laura than the old one. The voice acting was excellent and, it was action packed at some parts. It was good that it was open world because, I wouldn't like if it was a total rpg. I didn't think it stuck the ending which I was sad about.

Overall, it was very good.

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well done

posted by cinda4style (CHUGIAK, AK) Apr 5, 2013

Member since Jan 2012

entertaining violent. great graphics. good game play. well worth it.

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stop comparing this game to others

posted by TMR3737 (CRESTED BUTTE, CO) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

I find it tough to take the reviews that knock this game comparing it to Far Cry 3, and to a lesser extent Uncharted, seriously. Do people realize that there was, what, a month between the two games releases? It wasn't like Tomb Raider was made in a month, they just happen to have similar aspects and knocking Tomb Raider for being similar is just dumb. If the releases were swapped you'd be saying the same thing about Far Cry. And yes, it has some similar aspects to Uncharted, but isn't Uncharted a product of the original Tomb Raiders?

How about instead of comparing, we take the game for what it is by itself, and that is one of the best games I've played.

For having such large, detailed areas, I cant remember the game ever being buggy, which is impressive. The story moves along at a great clip, not throwing too much at you at once. The only knock I would have to the story is there wasn't any real big plot twist or surprise. I am actually relieved that there weren't tombs that would take over an hour of running back and forth to different levers to solve what ends up being a fairly simple puzzle only to run into another one in the next room. Sure there are puzzles, and the answers aren't always right in front of you, but nothing making me want to rip my hair out. The game play is smooth, though at times can feel a little rigid in what you can do. And that is my only real knock on it. Sometimes I felt like there was too little interaction with the world around you. Needing new equipment to reach new areas is fine, but there were times where I just felt that I was being held back on what I could do and where I could go.

I do think this game would be in my top 5, but a sure top 10. The experience is great

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