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Awesome Game!

posted by chargerbrett (DAYTON, OH) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Best Tomb Raider game yet. Love the freeplay and storyline. Graphics are awesome. The only thing I didn't like was the online. But the campaign makes up for it. This is a definite must play!

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10/10: The bar has been reset

posted by Showta (HOODSPORT, WA) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Graphics: Absolutely great
Voice Acting: Oscar caliber (I'm serious)
Story: Deep, Rich, and Engrossing
Characters: Completely believable

Once in a GREAT while, gamers can look forward to a game that redefines a genre. In this case, the new Tomb Raider does JUSt that for the Action/Adventure Genre.

The action is believable, yet intense. The scenarios are fluid and ever changing. By that I mean they are never the same scenery nor the same group of mobs attacking.

The fights and slinking around is so fresh from one to the next, that you are never bored. You look forward to the fact that each encounter will challenge your ability to assess and respond according to its OWN merits.

It's is easily THE most enjoyable gaming experience I have had in a LONG time, and I play games all day , every day.

I have ONE complaint about the new Tomb Raider. The level of professionalism and perfection in this game is SO high, it resets the bar. I will now compare subsequent games to this one. That i do not look forward to since gems like this are rare indeed.

Whether you buy or yourself a favor and play this will NOT regret it.

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Tomb Raided

posted by AlanWake (MONTCLAIR, CA) Apr 14, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

After witnessing a long journey through all different forms of entertainment that Lara Craft has embarked. she has finally come back to her prominent land of video games. In this reboot simply called tomb raider. you play as young Lara thats vunerable and somewhat fearful after beating the tomb raider your character has overcome vunerablity and she becomes fearless. all while making you feel like a tough chick we all love and know, these two componets are key on making a story forgetable very forgivable.

Tomb Raider's gameplay is were the game shines with flawless mechanics ultimately making this experience very addicting. this third person shooter/adventure you can poke around a bit in this kindof open wrold. well open enough to go back and explore some new areas its an okay for exploration and getting side tracked on getting collectables. a wepon upgrade system in tomb raider has great highs and lows. one high on making wepons steady and more powerful. one low on turning wepons just standered and unnecessarily dont need to be there as an upgrade. not carefully choosing needed upgrades can make you waste them.

Graphics in Tomb Raider are pretty enough to reach gorgeousness. very detailed world. the sound design is top notch and well voice overed especially the voice of Lara Craft. small complaints here and there. dialogue is weak too few enemies and other small ones. not dissappointing but can dent the experience. i highy recommend RENTING Tomb Raider for many more reasons then what iv'e written above.

The developers at Crystal Dynamics have not only reinvented, redefined or reimagine tomb raider but they have accomplished on creating an amazing experince you should play.

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