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GF Rating

Very Good

good adventure

posted by Shumongous (CUPERTINO, CA) May 15, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

awesome ending, last boss had some repetitive motions, some parts that were supposed to be suspenseful were not. great weapon upgrades but not enough situations that challenged for shooting (even playing on hard was pretty easy).

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GF Rating


Storymode 10 Multiplayer 1

posted by CoolestCat9 (LAKELAND, FL) May 15, 2013

Member since May 2013

Basically as a single player TR deserves a 10 its amazing so if thats what your interested in you WONT be disappointed but the multiplayer is awful so I give the game a 9.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Thrilling Ride

posted by ciordia9 (CHARLOTTE, NC) May 15, 2013

Member since May 2004

The opening sequences that get you into the thick of it were mesmerizing. For an aging platform the PS3 really was pushed to its limits and the frames held together nicely.

Overall this was a fantastic romp around the island countryside and burrowing deep into canabalistic insanity of tunnels. The story was very compelling and layered. Had a bit of 'Lost' twists to it.

The rough edges to me were--

-- Too much fighting, sneaking was difficult and once found was impossible to shake threat. By the end I gave up and just blasted my way through everything. Sneaking/shadowing should have been more easily accomplished and sustained.

-- Tombs weren't rewarding. First few I wanted to believe I was going to be a part of something interesting but you find a chest with a repeating animation and the 'tomb complete.' Really? That seemed half baked.

-- Little platforming, the most platforming you do is a few pick axe and zipline climbs and forced 'run or die' scenes.

(did anyone else want to do a Scorpion 'Get Over Here' pull with the line and was unable?) 8)

-- Open world, but empty world. It had a feel like it wanted to be Far Cry-ish but just because you can jump around the island and pick up the rest of the puzzle pieces (that don't really aid or reward) it seemed like an easy add without much meat.

-- Built for post game MU, I used to care about multiplayer but the older I get the less time I have the less I care about MU.

I'm glad they built a solid framework to live on and I think the next versions will expand and iterate. I enjoyed my ride on this rail shooter and beyond the above mentioned draw backs it is definitely worth the rent and 8-16 hours of play you'll get out of the story.

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