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Like Uncharted But With A Girl!!!!

posted by chimptor (SHREVEPORT, LA) Jun 4, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

Tomb Raider. This game is basically Uncharted with a chick, Lara Croft. This game hit me right between the controller!! Great graphics, great story, the right amount of weirdness, oh ya, and totally gross!! This game has everything going for it, graphics, storyline, excellent acting, great puzzles, and the right amount blood and guts for the mature gamer. This game is definitely NOT for children and would be rated "R" if it were a movie, which it almost is. Game designers are getting closer and closer to playable movies and, I for one, can't wait for that to happen!!!
Pretty soon big name actors are going to be doing video games. Some mid level actors have already taken the plunge and making the games they were in better than they had a right to be. I'm what you would call a mature gamer. Over 50 and under 60, and I love games like this one cause the atmospherics are great and really get you involved. Sometimes when I was at the beach exploring I could almost swear that I could smell the salt spray from the virtual ocean. The music was very well done as well making the contribution of involving the player by invoking the music necessary to drive the narrative! Weather it be gun play, fist fighting, or generally trying to escape the evil Sun Queens minions and their nut bag of a leader "Father" Mathias, the music drove the action hard! All and all real great stuff!!
That's not to say there aren't flaws, cause there are. One of my pet peeves is mowing through a pile of bad guys, all of whom seem to be able to take a large amount of rounds whilst shooting me three times and I'm out!! That's number one. Or if after killing 10 bad guys I should unfortunately buy it the game takes you back to the very beginning so you're forced to grind through those very same 10+ bad guys. I hate that!!!!! That's number two! Square Enix nailed it this time and I hope they give us more of the same in future Tomb Raider titles, cause this one was a peach!!!

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A Survivor is Born

posted by devonhumpert (SAINT CHARLES, MI) Jun 3, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

I long anticipated this game at launch but for some reason, I held off playing until last week.

Overall the game is great. I wouldn't give a perfect score because the multiplayer sucks and there isn't much "replayability" after you've completed the main story. However, the story is immersive in the beginning and really shows the growth of Lara as a survivor. Without spoiling most of the details regarding the story, I wish that Lara wouldn't have progressed into a ruthless killer. I personally liked the moments where she shown weakness and fear.

Again, great game. You will not be disappointed if your a fan of the series or 3rd person action games in general.

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posted by Kewones (TULSA, OK) May 31, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Then some!!!!

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