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GF Rating


Maybe the best PS3 Game Ever

posted by RevPete (WHEAT RIDGE, CO) Nov 21, 2013

Member since Dec 2007

I'll admit that I've played pretty much every Tomb Raider game, and I generally like them… But this prequel reboot of the franchise is by far the best of the series, and makes a serious case for being the best game on PS3!

From humble beginnings in the early days of 3D gaming, with block fabricated worlds and exciting, but repetitive movement, Tomb Raider has been breaking ground for years. But in a world saturated with similar games (can we say "knock offs"? ahem… cough… Uncharted…), Lara's franchise has felt a bit stale and dated until now. In a parallel to the franchise, in this game, you get to see the humble beginnings of Lara Croft.

How did she become the bigger than life adventurer that we've grown to love? This game answers a lot of those questions in a well thought out, and even somewhat believable way.

A young Lara, somewhat naive and lacking in self confidence, finds herself thrust into a situation that is basically do or die. You watch her blossom from that beginning into an almost super-hero state. And without giving a spoiler, the last 20 seconds of the story reveals the genesis of one of Lara's favorite fighting modes! It was a classy ending to a great game!

The gameplay is fluid. The scenery is widely varied and gorgeous. And while the story is still linear, it never feels that way, because you're doing the exploring and making the decisions. The overall look of the game is stunning, and the UI, controls, and story all flow together into a rock solid gaming adventure.

I actually received my PS4 while I was playing this game, and other than plugging it in and looking around a bit, I didn't turn it back on until this game was finished, because there's nothing nearly this compelling out for PS4 yet. (Heck, if you had told me that this was being played on the PS4, I would have believed you. It's that good!)

I highly recommend this game, and if you've met Lara before, this will quickly become your favorite of all!

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GF Rating


Awesome game

posted by BloodClown (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 21, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

I had been playing this game for at least four and a half hours, and I really like it. It has good graphics, the story of the beginning is really good.

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GF Rating


Great, fun game

posted by DINGLExBERRY (LAS VEGAS, NV) Oct 16, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

I loved this game. It's got a little bit of everything in it. The graphics are great, the story is good (though I did not finish it yet), but most importantly, the gameplay is amazing. I am a huge fan of the God of War series because not only is the story great and the character bad@$$, it is also very fun to play. Well, Tomb Raider is no hack and slash game like God of War, but it is definitely fun to play. It is thrilling and cool, the controls are intuitive, and the setting of the game is awesome. Highly recommend it. On my list game ratings, it is not quite as good as Last of Us or God of War (both my all-time favorite games), but it is on par with Bioshock: Infinite and Infamous.

Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

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