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Ok Game but has flaws

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) May 26, 2014

Member since Mar 2004

I was enjoying the game until I got to a point in the temple and could not figure out how to go any further I knew where I needed to go but no way that I could try got me there so that's when the game became flawed

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GF Rating


Fun Game

posted by DMD423 (SCHENECTADY, NY) May 2, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I gave this game a 7 because it was pretty good but didn't enter into the "blow my mind" designation for me. Quick game, which can be good. Lara starts as an innocent and soon learns to do what is necessary to survive and help others survive. Pros and Cons!

Pros: Just fun. I love using bows and this bow was pretty good. Linear in terms of not being able to choose missions and in playing the missions themselves. But the free roam was like open world exploration. The more tools you have the more places you can revisit. The fighting seemed just right, not too hard not too easy. The progression of difficulty made sense and for the most part the navigation of the maps was intuitive enough. I rarely had to consult a guide.

Cons: Didn't quite suck me in to the point where I was addicted. In fact there came a point where I was just playing to get through it. Overall I was pleased with its direction though. The controls were sometimes aggravating, especially the automatic switching to torch and pistol if it got a little dark. The enemies were at times like a horde so prepare yourself for sometimes lengthy fights with a large number of the same baddies. No in game saves, just auto-saves. And the ending? Well, I will let you be the judge of the ending. Don't want to spoiler alert you. But it IS in my cons.

Still a fun play. Quick play. I think I finished the game with a 70% completion for tasks (as I went along) in about 16 hours. I wasn't keeping track and I forgot to check so we'll say 16-20. Definitely no more. Three days of moderate to generous playing time. Rated 7.

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GF Rating


Tomb Raided

posted by Dombese (MILFORD, MI) Apr 17, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

I have played the previous versions of Tomb Raider for PlayStation and if you have too then your in for a surprise as this literally blows the old ones out of the water! The story follows young Laura on her first adventure into a unknown situation. The game play is smooth and you don't have much trouble with the controls. Only real problem I have had in the game was sometimes you get a strange camera angle you didn't want and have to move around to see something. This happens in tight quarters... The graphics are perfect and even more-so the higher you go up and get to see around the landscapes and so forth. You will end up dying some from the learning curve you have in the game, but I found this not to be an issue and you quickly pick up the new skills and weapons with ease.

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