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Wow! The bar has been raised!

posted by AdamusPkSlayer (SACRAMENTO, CA) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I wasn't sure about whether to give a 9 or 10, but I really couldn't find any notable faults in the single player. The level design is fantastic and the graphic beautiful. Amazingly, I encountered no glitches, which for a game like is rare. I really like the humanization of Lara Croft. She's not just some comic book character shooting everything up like John McLane and making wisecracks, there's actually an emotional progression from an innocent archeologist to a real fighter. The combat system is pretty good. She'll automatically use cover when near it, and enemies will too, making for satisfying gun/arrow fights. The action is well-paced and mixed perfectly with looting/exploration. Unlike UC3, at no point did the game drag and leave me hoping that a level would end already.

The only real issue would be that the other characters' dialogue is kind of stupid/cliched, but they're not around much. I tried the MP very briefly and was not amused. The campaign is the star of this game. Definite rent, because once you start, you won't stop playing until it's finished, which will only take a few days.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Lot of Fun, Lacking in Story

posted by 3rd_St_Saint (PORTLAND, OR) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

I've waited for this game ever since I saw the direction they were taking it. I was even overjoyed to hear that it was going to be rated M for real-world mature elements. The gameplay is fantastic, where you're in peril often enough that you think before you jump onto even just normal platforms or railings, as they'll creak and sometimes give way, making you want to climb faster.

The gameplay, as I said before, is fantastic. 9 or 10 out of Ten. However, it was the story itself that really got to me, and as a story game, that's why it didn't get the 9.

Lara is inexperienced, but through the leveling system, can become quite overpowered. Incendiary shotgun shells, one-hit kill dodges, non-aggressive animals (except for the dogs) all cheapen the combat as if she were a trained killer to begin with.

Sneaking is quite unsafe and unreliable (as you can get flanked quickly) so it's an incentive to rack up Quentin Tarantino-esque body counts, and the Story involves rounding up the survivors of your shipwreck, who never seem to actually stay together.

As the Story progresses, rather than their separations being more realistic, they become less so, Lara choosing to go at things alone, leaving friends in precarious situations. In fact, I figured a few fatalities would have Disney endings where they 'somehow survived'.

Overall, she adapts -WAY- too quickly to killing, there are too many enemies, too much ammunition, not enough avenues for stealth and the Story is not Honest to the character they try to portray Lara to be. Otherwise, this game would be a 10. It's 50% interactive cinematics, which isn't as bad as it sounds.

Multiplayer's pretty ridiculous. Players are bullet sponges, and arrows do more damage.

Played it on hard, puzzles are easy (but make sense) - think of this as Assassin's Creed's climbing + Eagle Vision, Sleeping Dog's Shooting mechanic, and the cinematic quality of the first part of Mass Effect 3. Great game, but more of a 'game' than

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Ms Lara Croft is back, better than ever.

posted by Painwraith (KENT, WA) Mar 13, 2013

Member since May 2011

Crystal Dynamics has crafted the ultimate (yet sadistic) love letter to both new fans and those of us who have loved Lara through all her sordid ups and downs in the gaming world. The emotions, gameplay, characters, environments, story, sound, graphics, EVERYTHING, is first class Tomb Raider. The balance created between adventure and action is nothing short of amazing. The pacing of this game is really left in the players hands, right where it belongs.

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