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posted by killakam (ROCKLIN, CA) May 10, 2013

Member since Sep 2007

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Just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is impressive in many ways..
The loading times are FAST and the graphics look beautiful!
The fast looting makes gameplay quick and it TRULY feels dark and creepy and multiple places in the game... it does a great job in being dirty and crude with the gore and language..

The multiplayer was a lag-fest so i couldnt play much online, although the concept seemed cool. The real treat in TR is the amazing story of the campaign and how things started for Laura Croft... some parts of the game feel like assasins creed but much smoother controls!

I didnt give it a perfect 10 because of lack of replayability....once you beat the game there really isnt much to go back and do and they dont fill the maps back up with enemies so it gets boring wandering around collecting the last few caches.

The achievments are cool, all mostly generic and similar to what you find in a game like this.. I am sure we will be seeing either expansions or another full TR game soon.
This is THE game of the year so far....

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Lara Crofts Epic Evolution Story

posted by Nykon0 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2008

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First off, DO NOT be turned away by other reviewers that rated the game LOWER for minimal reasons. This is a story, the beginning of Lara Crofts famous nature as a Tomb Raider. With That being said, i'll keep the small insight short and interesting

Square Enix brought Lara Croft into a much needed light of her early raider days. Before the Icon status , Lara was an explorer and didn't have all the skill we know her for at some point. This game IS that point. Often times you feel for her as a character: From her gasps of shock, to her crying and sobbing from pain or just sheer trama off the situation(s) she goes through. This is classic tomb Raider at the core, but with amplified visuals, awesome voice acting, and a stunning score all wrapped up in a cinematic roll of goodness. You'll go on the trails of how Lara became the tomb raider we all know so well, from the beginning when she was but a curious young woman that wanted to explore ancient places. I'm along the lines of some of othe reviwers on here that say you NEED to try it for yourself to get the whole experiance and why now? if you Know the TR games, why not see where the stomping ground got grounded for the iconic Tomb Raider?

Sure many games have been made, and more will be made, but there are games like this that surface that tell a good story. Weather it of characters we are new to, or characters we are familiar with already(such as Lara), only a few of them will REALLY be worth your attention(and money). This, fellow gamers, is one of those games that is(i believe anyway) worth the time if your a TR fan or just like a good story in general for video games. Definately a rent game. Turned into a Buy for me =)

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Tomb Raider Prequel

posted by crutchmann445 (CENTENNIAL, CO) Apr 2, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

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I just finished this game on Easter Sunday and I could not put it down. I have played many tomb raider games before but nothing like this. The developers of this game took their time into making this into a great game. This game sucks you in and makes you want to finish it.

You really DO care about Lara Croft and the other characters she's protecting in this one; more so than the other games you've ever played before. You feel like you share her ultimate goal in survival and getting home. There are brief glimmers of hope and than it all crashes down. There were many moments I started to cry because I wanted her make it and I was dying to make it to the end to see how it unfolds. This feels like a movie you're playing by the way this game is designed.

This game is a wild ride that never stops. It'll make you cry and make work hard just to get to end. It is a beautifully game visually. This game worth the rent and so worth the playing time. If you read this review I hope my advice is taken and you play this game. I promise you won't go wrong. I really enjoyed this game and if you're a tomb raider fan I know you will enjoy this game too.

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