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posted by JDuCE87 (WEST BABYLON, NY) Jul 20, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

Loved the game felt like i was in survival mode the whole time but after getting into the story a little i forgot what i was playing and thought of my character as Kate from LOST rather than Laura Croft. Bottom line is I loved the open world environment the graphics where amazing game play is great and the story line will keep you entertained through the whole game.

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Worth Every Penny

posted by Synic (WOODLAND HILLS, CA) Jul 15, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

This game is absolutely stunning. From the very start this game sucks you in with its spectacular graphics, interesting story, and extremely fluid/solid gameplay. I never thought they could or would ever make a Tomb Raider like this, some of the first scenes consist of you drudging through water filled with blood, bones, and mercilessly killing people.
This game took gameplay to the next level, everything feels just right. The way Lara moves, shoots, jumps. climbs, or whatever else she may be doing feels like an actual human, which in my opinion only makes the story feel more alive, vivid, and most of all intense! In your epic and perilous journey you come accross documents, GPS caches, trinkets, coins, and journals that can all be collected along the way and if you miss any you can fast travel to any camp you've previously visited leaving tons of stuff to do after your completetion of the story, and interesting enough you will actually want to do this. The game makes what appears like a tedious and stereotypical task interesting and challenging. During your time on the island you also build EXP for skill points that you can spend in your Hunter, Brawler, or Survival tiers that give you new counter attacks, more salvage material when looting crates bodies, etc, and enhance your instincts. You also collect material or "salvage" so you can upgrade all of your weapons, you can even find parts of other weapons for the ultimate upgrade.
This game is almost fun just to look at... seriously the camera angles during a leap, climb, or even just standing on a cliff are gorgeous. This game pays close attention to detail, even in cutscenes Lara is shaking in the rain, has blood on her body from the objective you just completed etc.. they never leave you with a palm in your face saying "wow how ridiculous... he got up instantly from me shooting him with a shotgun, or shes wearing a tank top and just hanging out in the snow or rain"

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Re-imagining of a Gaming Icon.

posted by rmysterio80 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Jul 14, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I was never a fan of the original Tomb Raider games. So i went into this reboot without an pre-existing attachment to what Laura Croft used to be, and what i got was a very fun action adventure.

Tomb Raider is one of the most fun games i've played this year. The shooting is tight and responsive, and the guns have a real feeling of force behind them. The game in general is pretty gritty. The developers didnt pull any punches when it comes to what they put Laura through. You'll go from fighting off enemies with a variety of weaponry, exploring tombs, and wading through rivers of blood in this 15 hour experience.

The game isnt terribly challenging on the normal difficulty, but is by no means easy. Laura doesn't have a huge amount of health and will go down quickly in a fire fight. Enemies aren't bullet sponges, but can take a fair amount of damage before going down which makes the combat more challenging.

There are some slight RPG elements. You're able to upgrade your weapons, but you dont really have any control of when you get weapon parts to get new upgrades. You also unlock a variety of skills as you "level up". Throughout the game you unlock new gear that allows you to gain access of areas of the level you were previously barred from (kind of like Batman Arkham Asylum).

I'd have to say my main gripe with the game is fighting in smaller areas/corridors. Enemies will corner you and you'll have no way out except to wait to die to try again. While by no means game breaking, its quite annoying and feels cheap due to the weak melee combat system.

Overall, Tomb Raider is a very good Action Adventure game thats well worth your time.

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