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posted by Savage1 (NORTH HAMPTON, OH) Aug 10, 2013

Member since Apr 2008

this was poorly done a big disappointment

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Like a Movie

posted by swimspud (HOUSTON, TX) Aug 8, 2013

Member since Aug 2013

Tomb Raider is one of the best games I have ever played! It had the classic elements of what makes the franchise in the puzzles and eerie tombs, while keeping the content fresh and contemporary. Each dirty encounter left Laura dirty, cut, and covered in mud; which only washed away with the rain. The fighting was appropriate, albeit not challenging but fun.

The ease of play was astonishing to make it accessible for even brand new gamers (your girlfriend would love this!).

What impacted me the most was how the game played out like a movie. The cut scenes were fluid and added to the story, your emotions go through highs and lows and really grab you, the action was fun and exciting, and the landscape.. wow..

Grab this one and try not to play it through in one go, I couldn't look away. Just amazing

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Lara's First

posted by WadeWatts5 (WADESBORO, NC) Aug 7, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

This was a great lead in to Lara as a character. Playing through her first adventure was shaky at times, and a little comical, but overall a great experience. So lets get the few nit-picks out of the way. First, the level up system seems a little stagnant. Some of them, I didn't even use for half of the game, making them that much more unnecessary. Second, it's a kind of short game. Without looking at an exact number, I basically completed the game in two afternoons of gameplay. Granted, that's not getting 100%, but I did go through several tombs, and completed 1005 on several areas of the map. I even spent a little time level grinding to get some more points for some weapon mastery. Finally, what's with all of the falling? She falls a considerable amount in this game. it's almost as if she's a superhero at some points, or that the developers thought this should be a more convenient form of getting around the island. Apparently falling is the new driving.
The story is, as I stated before, great. It's fascinating how it unravels and to see how Lara grows as an adventurer in the process. The enemies are challenging to a degree, but this game kept it in the real world. No dinosaurs or anything really extravagant this time. Also, the weapons slowly build up over time, allowing you to customize them for efficiency. This wasn't a bad system at all. Very easy to get used to and very realistic with the upgrades.
The sound was great throughout. It was necessary to help find enemies since there isn't a radar to let you know. The survival instincts helped find treasure, loot, and enemies in the darker areas. The controls were great, once you got used to them. This uses a "trial and error" system, which can be very frustrating on your first play through. Even certain parts which activate a QTE can be troublesome since you're not really sure what to do.
This game was definitely great and if you're a fan I really recommend giving it a play through to see what the fuss is abou

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