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Lara’s Treacherous journey makes for a great ride

posted by UnemployedNinja (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Sep 28, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

As is the nature of this service, I had no interest in keeping the game for long so I did not play the mulitiplayer component. I finished the single player at night and accordingly wanted to ship it off the next day. Perhaps a bit unfair seeing as this is an evaluation of sorts of this product, but that’s the way it is- Here is my review:
I feel the beginning of the game was too fast. You shipwreck and get captured; it all happens so suddenly. I would have preferred a straight narrative. We didn't get to know hardily any of the crew before we were split up. I think the beginning of the game felt too much like a demo and because of that was overselling itself for that time period. My other storytelling gripe is that I felt the big A-ha moment was very telegraphed: I cannot even attribute that to all of the collectible diaries & such that I found, it was very obvious and should have had less hinting at.
Gameplay-wise it was pretty solid, but not without flaw. One is supposed to go with the stealth route as long as possible, but as soon as one person detected you everyone was aware of your exact location which broke the reality of the game a bit. Machine gun foes were especially hard to overcome with their very accurate and steady stream of bullets. The sliding sequences were frustrating because some of the hazards would kill upon contact, but were sometimes really hard to see and/or avoid. The final fight sequence was done okay but will need to be better for future games. On a standard tv like mine, the text was small and when upgrading made it hard to know what you're actually doing. I also found the map hard to use and therefore was turned off from using it at all.
I think that is all of my gripes about the game. The platforming was good, the puzzles were fine and the game was enjoyable overall. It is a more realistic Tomb Raider, but still expect Lara to endure an unrealistic amount of punishment. Keep an open mind and enjoy.

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GF Rating


So Much Fun!

posted by INSAN3J3D1 (PEMBROKE PINES, FL) Sep 21, 2013

Member since Apr 2010

Going into this game, I wasn't too much of Tomb Raider/Lara Croft fan. I'd played and liked the games, but found myself bored rather quick. Literally seconds into the gameplay, I knew I'd love this. The graphics are great, the plot is pretty solid, but the best thing is the gameplay. It feels fluent and isn't too limited as far as where you can and cannot go. All I can really say about this game is that it's tons of fun. If you enjoy Action/Adventure or even Third Person Shooter titles, then you'll definitely have fun with this game.

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Excellent Reboot

posted by marksmanjake (TAVERNIER, FL) Sep 15, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Presentation: Absolutely beautiful even on the aging Xbox 360. Whether you're looking up close or far away, the resolution is very detailed. Varied environments and cool tombs. Lara also looks great. You can see her body gets more damaged and covered with blood and dirt as she progresses through the game. Also has excellent soundtrack.

Story: Very engaging and thematic. It doesn't really focus on her trying to rescue her friends and escape. Instead it focuses on her transition from an innocent, young girl to becoming an amazing action heroine. You feel the emotion as she struggles to survive and find the courage to overcome overwhelming odds.

Gameplay: Very solid third person cover shooter and exploration game. The camera is dynamic and adjusts perfectly to whatever situation Lara is in. Her bow and arrow is an awesome weapon. The dynamic cover system works perfectly. You'll want to explore every part of the island to find relics. documents, and weapon upgrades.

Cons: Some lazy quick time events in melee combat. Final boss battles are kind of disappointing. Boring and pointless multiplayer. They should have just made a bigger single player campaign. These issues are so small that it doesn't take away from the game.

Overall: A fantastic action experience that definitely earns a sequel.

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