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A bit of the old,a TON of new,& lots of suprises!

posted by johnnylaw21 (WADSWORTH, OH) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

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I am old school,I am 38 and have played almost every Tomb Raider game. I have fond memories of me and my buddy Shawn playing for hours at a time trying to solve puzzles and shoot our way past lions and t-rexes and solve the crazy cliff climbing puzzles...but then they tried new things, they also kept a lot of the same thing while doing so and the games became very stale...until NOW! I am at about the halfway mark in the game and it has been a heck of a wild ride. There have been some crazy emotional moments as we play and watch Laura become who we all know her as, this game takes you to a point where she wanted to be all into the tomb raiding but she clearly was in over her head. This game shows Laura learn to be the bad azz we have come to love and lust for. It is amazing at times to see her emotions as she realizes what she is capable of and how impressed those around her are. I will say that the game is hard. I am doing some back tracking now to pick up more skill points and upgrades as they are very much needed even on easy. The game really does a great job at blending it all just right. There is the need to explore,but the tombs are optional,the action is at the core. The new need to hunt puts a great twist on killing animals and we come to find she really dosnt like the idea of shooting anything which is endearing. This game is making me fall in love with Laura in a way we never could before,the visible emotions,the expressions of frusteration and anger and fear...this is the new Laura Croft and I am excited to see them build on this because they have really nailed it and have put out a tru Tomb Raider experience that will be dang hard to top. Anybody on the fence or thinking it's another watered down repeat of what we already know and have done,you are in for a shock.You owe yourself to at least rent this game but I feel this is one any true gamer needs in thier collection,it is one of those games we will refer to for a long time to come.

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posted by doedoe (LYNWOOD, CA) Mar 7, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

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posted by dacarny1 (DEARBORN, MI) Sep 29, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

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Too much story not enough puzzle. What made the other Tomb Raider games fun to me is all but lost on this version. The needed skill to make jumps and time them as well as many complex puzzles was made the old games great. This was too easy to finish and although the graphics were top notch and the story good. This is not what I wanted to play. Maybe the publishers should go back and actually play the originals to remember what the game is supposed to be about.

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