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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

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Gameplay Controls

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Directional Buttons Up / Down = Toggle through available weapons held in the Inventory
X Button Action. While in Stealth mode and near a flat upright surface, press to "wall hug." Press to perform all scenery interaction and to initiate conversations with other characters. Also press to grab ledges or to release from a fixed grab such as a Monkey Swing. When walking up to the edge of a ledge, press to climb down and hang from it. When weapon is holstered and you're close to an enemy, tap once to punch, double tap to double punch, and press firmly to kick. When weapon is drawn, press to fire.
Triangle Button Duck / Target = Press and hold to duck down, then use the left analog stick to crawl. Release the button to resume normal stance. While ducking, tap the L2 Button to perform a commando crawl. When your weapon is drawn, tap to toggle between targets.
Square Button Roll. Perform a 180 degree roll.
Circle Button Jump
L2 Button Stealth. Press to enter Stealth mode. Press again to resume normal stance.
L1 Button Walk. Tap to toggle between Run (default) and Walk modes. Press and hold while moving the left analog stick: Up / Down to step forward; Left / Right to sidestep left / right. Hold down the L1 Button and tap the Circle Button to perform a short hop-jump.
R2 Button Press and hold while running to sprint. (Lara must pick up a lower body upgrade to sprint. She'll tell you when she feels strong enough to sprint.)
R1 Button Press once to draw your current weapon. Press again to holster the weapon.
Start Button Pause the game and display the Pause Menu / Unpause
Select Button Pause the game and display the Inventory
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Use while the L1 Button is held down to move your character. Push halfway in a direction to walk; push all the way to run. (When Walk mode is activated the character will not run.) While in Stealth mode with a weapon drawn, push Up to move in the direction your character is facing, move Left / Right to sidestep, pull Down to step back.
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Move the camera in Look mode when your character is standing still and in Rotate mode when your character is moving. In Stealth mode, with your weapon drawn, use to move your field of vision and manual weapon target.
R3 Button Re-center the camera.