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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

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This games for fans of TR only.

posted by Longshot (STATE CENTER, IA) Jan 22, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

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If you aren’t a fan of Tomb Raider from the PS1 days I would pass this game over , this is far from the best Tomb Raider game. There are quite a few glitches and the frame rate drops quite often . The story is ok, it does feel a bit silly though. The voice acting ranges from ok to bad, plus it’s a little over dramatic for my taste. The graphics look very dated these days. The controls work good for the most part. At the best of times the game play will bring back fond memories of the glory days of TR and at the worst of times it will make you want to shoot your PS2 with the game in it then beat it with a baseball bat and finally just to make sure you killed it set it on fire. So after saying that why did I give the game a 7 and not a 4? Well even though the game really isn’t that good it’s still playable, and it brought back some really fond memories for me of when I first played TR. For me that was a enough to make the game worth while. In the end Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness will make you rejoice that Eidos fired Core and hired Crystal Dynamics to make the new Tome Raider games. My advice if you don’t have any fond memories of the Classic TR games then for the LOVE OF GOD pass this game over and go play Legend or Anniversary, they are MUCH MUCH better games.

Be safe all and happy gaming.

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Above Average

Confusing Game

posted by superninga (MIDDLEBURG, FL) Dec 18, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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This game was very very confusing.
uh i tried beating it on my own but it seemed imposable.
i had to use a stradgy guide to beat it be cause its like a realy big and hard puzzle
it doesn't tell you were anything is or what to do
you have to figure it out all by yourself and if you can you must be very smart
but i never finished the game because i kept dieing and getting frustrated
the reason i kept dieing was be cause by the time you get to the level "vault of trophies"(which is level 33 out of 37) your legs are so strong. and in one part of that level u need to jump to small platforms and since your legs are realy strong by this level you will most of the time jump over the first platform and if you back up some you have a better chance of making it but if you do land it the platform breaks away and you fall before you find out what to do
so that's how i kept dieing

my fav part of the game:good storyline

my least fav part of the game:to confusing

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could of been better

posted by johnnyb111 (GRANTSBURG, WI) Nov 12, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

the game didn't seem to spark my interest like the other tomb raiders i have played in the past. I didn't like the graphics and the the plot was weak. I would not play that game again

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