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Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs


Press and hold L1 + Left Analog-stick Up, then push Circle.

Dive into water

Face a ledge that is over water, then press and hold L1 and push X.

Underwater 180

Push Square while swimming underwater.

Backflip grab

Back up to a ledge, then hold L1 and push X.

Somersault down

Push Triangle to crawl while facing a ledge, then press Left Analog-stick Forward.

Backflip onto ledge

To do a backflip onto the ledge, walk back so your heels are on the ledge. Hold L1 + X. Tap Left Analog-stick Away and Lara will do a backflip onto the ledge (in most places).

Army crawl

Push Triangle + Forward to crawl, then while crawling pressing and holding L2 and keep going.

Infinite Air

When Lara is swimming (submerged), save the game while underwater then load that save. The oxygen gauge will be restored to full.

Shotguns At Von Croix

While investigating Von Croix's apartment, Lara can glitch the game and get a shotgun where there shouldn't be one in that mission. Before leaving the stage Galleries Under Siege, equip the shotgun and clear the area. When Lara appears under your control at Von Criox's apartment again, press UP (on the D-pad) and the shotgun should be available again.

Unlimited money or items

Certain locations that allow gamers to exit and re-enter with money or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) which can be picked up once again. You can keep leaving and entering the screen and the money or items will still be there each time.

New Changes

This Eidos Interactive title features stealth moves similar to Metal Gear Solid and martial arts moves similar to the ones from the movie featuring Angelina Jolie.

Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately the AI in this adventure title developed by Core Design Ltd is poor in many regards. Enemies will not hide (a standard in most new shooters) and they tend to be slow targets.


This Eidos Interactive adventure title features a new trend of utilizing open-ended ideas. So there will be many different solutions to certain puzzles, strength upgrades in a diluted form, and a non-linear gameplay. A prime example of this ideal is conversation options. At one point in this title you consult criminal Bouchard and the wrong decision will end in your untimely demise (no fighting, but an immediate death).

Shotguns or handguns

Instead of holding Action to fire, quickly tap it repeatedly. Lara will shoot the weapon much faster, making it easier to eliminate targets.

Handstand on ledge

Hang from a ledge, then press and hold L1 and push Left Analog-stick Up. Lara will do a hanstand on the ledge.