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Exceeds Expectations

posted by dedrake (AURORA, CO) Mar 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Well, what to say about this game?
I honestly didn't have high expectations after playing TAOD on the PS2, but was pleasantly surprised.
It plays a lot like Pirates: At Worlds End but is a lot shorter, this may be due to the FMVs that take place ridiculously often for a DS game. There are some parts that will annoy you, because 2 platforms don't line up in 3D, but the 2D camera makes it seem that they do, you jump, die and repeatedly try over. The graphics are good for the DS with minor exceptions, cough the "party" scene cough.
There are some control issues, pressing jump and having Lara run off a cliff was one I had happen more often than I would like.
Some of the mini games are... interesting. Blowing games aren't nearly as fun as they sound
The game is fun, if you like platformers. But if I had to choose between this game and Pirates I'd choose Pirates.

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a welcome return.

posted by jameshall4 (LAKE CITY, FL) Jun 24, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

ahh it feels good to go back, doesn't it? well what can i say about this game that hasn't been said about it on its predecesors. luara croft on the ds? yeah i know it sounds like a terrible idea but it actually works.... sorta i mean the game is graphically buetiful.. on ds standerds i mean. the controls however may make you feel like slamming your ds into a wall. i really can't reccomend this game to anyone, unless the only game system you have is a ds and you really love luara croft, then you should stay away from this game. im not saying the game is bad. im just saying with it done before and better on other systems whats the point of playing it on a portable system such as the ds. this goes for the psp verson also, although visually not much better than the ds, the controls are much smoother, although it is just as bad on the psp.

seriously if you really can't get enough luara croft just rent it on the 360,ps2,xbox.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Longshot (STATE CENTER, IA) Nov 23, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from Tomb Raider Legend on the DS, but I can tell you for sure it wasn’t this. The game play is pretty much what you would expect from Tomb Raider, you will spend most of your time jumping from one ledge to another , solving puzzles, and shooting bad guys now and then. Speaking of shooting bad guys, it’s done a bit different in legends on the DS. Once you have locked on to an enemy he will appear on the touch screen and you just tap the screen to shoot at the enemy. It’s a cool idea and it works good, though it makes it a bit too easy to get head shots . The storyline is pretty much the same as the other versions of Tomb Raider Legend. What makes this so impressive is the fact that it really looks like they took the cut scenes right from the PS2 version of the game. This helps give you the sense that you’re really playing a Tomb Raider Legend game and not just some 3rd rate port. The graphics in the game are quite pretty for a DS game. The sound in the game is also good. The music and voice acting sound great but the gun sounds are a bit weak. Legends on the DS is worth renting if you’re a Tomb Raider fan. If you’re not a Tomb Raider fan though it’s probably best to stick with the PS2 or 360 versions of the game.

Be safe all and happy gaming.

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