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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Kazakhstan Project Carbonek Boss level

After the creature is released, run around the dome. Turn the switches on by pressing Y. When you have pressed all the switches, four balls with come down from the ceiling. Get onto the magnetic gun in the middle of the room. Make the balls come to you by using the magnetic gun. This might take some time because the monster will keep knocking you of the gun. When you have all the balls pointing towards you, a chamber will open above your head and the sword fragment will appear. Get off the gun and point up towards the sword fragment and grapple it. When you have it, an intermission sequence will begin and the level will end.

Peru Play soccer

At the beginning of the level, look to your right to see a soccer ball. You can shoot the ball around with Y. Hit it past the dummy in between the fences and for a goal.