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Tomb Raider: Legend


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Camera and Controls are frustrating

posted by xterranv (BELMONT, NH) May 9, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

I like the game. The graphics, considering is the PSP, are good. And the story is good. But the lack of a second control stick makes it hard on the controls and camera angles. I was pretty disappointed in that.

I'd suggest this for the console version but not so much for the PSP. I Definitely suggest this as a "Try It Before You Buy It" game to see if the controls are that much of a bother to you as I found it to be. (and it seems a lot of other reviewers are saying the same thing).

If you're just looking for a portable Lara Croft adventure game for on the go and can withstand the controls and lacking camera angles, it's a fun game for that.

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posted by seajewel (DEDHAM, MA) Jan 28, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Merry Meet fellow gamers! I am a HUGE fan of games based on movies. As a "newbie" gamer, this type of game allows me to better understand the concepts and story allowing easier game play and less frustration. I do believe, however, females will enjoy this game more than our male counterparts. I found this game challenging and enjoy it. The graphics are great and the story line is exciting. Drawbacks-the camera angles are terrible and cause many mistakes, followed by much unnecessary frustration. Also, the controls do not respond as they should and again, mistakes are the result. This game could have been great if the designers put a bit more thought into its set up. All-in-all, I would recommend this game for teens through adult players. Merry Part & Bright Blessings )O(

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GF Rating

Very Good

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaatt- ttt!!!

posted by Sdubble (ROCHESTER, NY) Sep 7, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

the last time i played as lara croft was on PS1. I never had a ps2 and havent really played anything since PS1. I have a job with lots of time so i copped a PSP. Of all the games Ive played, this one was one of my favorites. Im talkin entertainment value. I dont know jack about graphics or pixel rates or any of that junk. All i know is that playing this game was better than throwing rocks at woodchucks all day. i highly suggest it to those non-hardcore gamers out there.

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