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Tomb Raider: Legend


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GF Rating

Very Good

One of The Best Tomb Raiders Ever

posted by higginsmmc (YOUNTVILLE, CA) Dec 18, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

I found this game exciting and challenging and this game is a great adventure that is sure to make you want to play more of the game.The game had great graphics for a 2006 game,the storyline was very good there was some parts in the game that are hard,the gadets that you use in the game are cool,and the aiming when you shoot are great.The sound was okay and I wish the game could last longer despite all that I loved the game and I would reccomend this game to anyone.

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GF Rating


Okay at best...

posted by LinkOfHyrule (LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, NJ) May 6, 2011

Member since May 2011

For what its worth I thought Id write a more recent review of this game. First off I have not played previous Tomb Raider titles, so this is a review upon this game alone and not in accordance to the rest of the series. I found the graphics to be somewhat disappointing granted its almost 5 years old now. The game tries too hard to be a 3rd person shooter, instead of sticking to an action/adventure puzzler with a side of combat. The game features auto-lock where you lock on from enemy to enemy using LT; kind of makes it mindless, and frustrating. One other side note, that game was so dark (no it wasn't just my T.V.) i could barely see what i was doing in many underground levels. I understand its part of the ambiance of the game but it was to the point that it affected gameplay. While some puzzles and levels kept me entertained I was just trying to rush through a lot of it so i could send it back. Overall somewhat disappointing and like the title says, I'd say it was okay at best

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GF Rating


My Review

posted by EdynT (GOUVERNEUR, NY) Apr 13, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

This is a great combination action/problem solving type game.Lots of areas to discover with treasures to find-weapons and finding a rhythm to the fighting,jumping,climbing and shooting.
At times finding what your supposed to do to get around the level can take some time and some analytical thinking but if you like puzzles you've love the occasional brain teasers of the obstacles on the levels.
Croft manor is a good feature aside from the adventure mode offering rooms and hidden secrets as well as a wardrobe to change outfits and character interactions.And what a house. It takes you on a inside view of Laura Croft's lair that you don't get a inside view in other games or the movies.All around- a great game- .

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