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Above Average

Tomb raider

posted by lonewanderer900 (SHERRILL, NY) Aug 1, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

This game is a re-boot and totally not like the original tomb raider's.Firstly the graphics are incredibly nice on the ps4 and the character models look excellent.Beyond that there is not alot of impressive things about this game.The game does not follow the the behavior or activities of the original tomb raider and simply serves as a origin story for the character.Instead of searching for treasure or mysterious ruins like tomb raider would, this takes a backseat in the plot with most of the game just revolving around a mission to survive on an island against a crazy cult.No one in the game is really that memorable and is one dimensional.
The game is one giant action film cliche.There's a great amount of brutality,explosions,combat in the third person and platforming.This game is the perfect example of accessibility concessions being used in most modern games.There is a ridiculous amount of hand holding in the game and a over use of quick time events can make the game both very easy and frustrating at very random times.The controls for the game are good.
Overall tomb raider in my opinion is mediocre.Too many quick time events,plot and characters that are lame,and too much emphasis shifting away from challenging puzzles in favor of third person shooter mechanics.This game is a rent otherwise skip it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A blast

posted by n_maker (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jul 25, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

What a great game. I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried this game out. The game is a little on the easy side, but it was fun.

I cant wait for the sequel. I just hope they add a little more variety and difficulty in the side quests.

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GF Rating


Great refurbish

posted by Chevinator (SELMA, OR) Jul 19, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This was a thrilling game! A lot of action and lora croft basically gets mangled through the whole game with all the obstacles collapsing and what not. The voice acting was not to bad, but i feel as though the story was a bit fast paced. And there were times the game did get a bit glitch, like loras hair spazzing in place. But for a re-defined game for the ps4 it sure does make up for it. Graphics are beautiful and i like how the cutscenes graphics merge with the gameplay graphics. Big turn on. I had a lot of fun playing this, upgrading weapons and skills and what not, jumping different obstacles from ship and plane wreckage and cliff hanging, puts you at the edge of your seat. This game reminds me a lot of uncharted. Played a little bit of multiplayer. Its not to bad..but it aint nothing special..but still alright! Better then killzone imo. Anyways i recommend this game for anyone who hasnt played it back during the ps3. Its a great tune up.

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