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I never use to be a Tomb Raider fan BUT...

posted by kingewee (MERRITT ISLAND, FL) Mar 15, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

I never really liked Tomb Raider always found it stupid... so I never even attempted to rent buy nothing... So I said what the heck I'ma try the Tomb Raider for Xbox one...

Graphics 7 out of 10
Game-play 8 out of 10
Story-line 10 out of 10

I am now a huge fan of how the game was setup and made with epic story line.... If you have been like thinking about renting it... DO IT it will not let you down action packed whole way through amazing game-play nothing like any of the other tomb raiders!

I use to do reviews for PC GAMER magazine and this game right here has amazed me...

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GF Rating

Very Good

Action but quick

posted by jacksonran (SPRINGVILLE, IN) Mar 10, 2014

Member since Aug 2010

This is the first time ive played a Tomb raider game since the PS1 days. Something told me to try it and the lack of games out for ONE made it an easy decision. I was impressed. I really enjoyed the game. Here are my good, bad, and ugly on why on an 8 was rated.

Good: The game was packed with action. Being on the top of a radio tower gave a fear of heights a realism for a game, the cinematic scenes were excited (but quick) and the fact that the game never leaves you with a dull moment was great. Diversity of weapons was a plus too. You got a level up yourself and your weapons as you play.

Bad: This game becomes a 9 in my eyes because even as playing it on the hardest difficulty... the game is cut short on length. Its great all the way through but even an achievement hunter like myself is left craving more at the end. The multiplayer is left to opinion... it wasn't near my best multiplayer experience.

Ugly: I took the time to get the flags in the AC series because I'm an achievement junky like I stated before... so this is game isn't that bad but it still puts it to an 8 because of the time you spend just trying to replay areas for hidden items.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Hit it just right for me

posted by sageknuckles (MODESTO, CA) Mar 8, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

Last Tomb Raider I played was number 3 for PS1. Since I haven't played any in between I guess I don't have anything else to compare it to but I love this game. I feel like they couldn't have made this game better. Beautiful graphics with a few minor deficiencies. Great gameplay with a lot of collectibles and upgrades and the storyline keeps me attentive and makes me want more. I rented this but I'll probably buy it soon and you should as well.

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