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Square Enix Building Momentum....

posted by TronXL (ALBANY, OR) May 23, 2014

Member since Feb 2009

graphics- 9

overall very good game just lacking depth.
worth a rent or buy when its 20$

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Great game originally.

posted by layzieb (WELLSBURG, WV) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

I was a huge fan of Tomb Raider when it released for Xbox 360 and I completely 100% the game. So I figured it would be a great idea to pick it up again and play through since I haven't touched it since release week. I made it about halfway through the game and hit about 6-7 bugs already on my playthrough until I ran across the final one. A game breaking bug that completely stopped me from progressing my story. I don't know if it was a bad port or if the remake was just filled with bugs, but my friend also rented it and ran into several bugs himself. Overall a great game if you can play through the whole thing, but for now I'm giving it a 1/10 because I was extremely upset with all the times I had to restart checkpoints and finally just couldn't play.

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Whats there in graphics, lacks in story.

posted by andrewh7789 (SAN GABRIEL, CA) Jul 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

Ok here is my breakdown to this game. First off I would like to input that I have NEVER played a Tomb Raider game before this one. Second, I dont like Square Enix AT ALL. With that said, lets get started. First, I want to start off by saying this game has pretty good graphics. The lighting and environment are well put together and even though I know these graphics are just the start of next gen consoles, they can only get better with future games.
Now, the fun part, THE CONS. Like I said, I never played a TR game in my life and was expecting this reboot to have more of a background story of the protagonist considering well...ITS A REBOOT. This story line throws you in a WILD storm of events that just have you dazed and confused the whole game with little background and no idea why its all happening. The antagonist, whom I wont spoil, is seen very little of and has no background or even the slightest bit of showtime in the game. Finally, I'd like to mention the attempt of making a skill tree. Even though it was THERE it was too easy to fill and had little to no meaning.
Next, the multiplayer. Although I loved the attempt at this Gears of war type multiplayer, it lacked in server dedication and consistency. I know games like these don't really have an AMAZING multiplayer but I would like to try it out without getting disconnected ever other game.
Lastly, I'm a hardcore achievement hunter and I will say most of these achievements are pretty easy but when it came to the multiplayer achievements they were almost impossible to get (like Assassins Creed) if you know what i mean. I did end up getting them thanks to a boosting partner but by yourself its almost impossible.
All in all, I am just baffled by the amount of people who rate this game above 7. It is confusing how a game like this can get a higher rating than a game like Forza 5 or Titanfall not because they are big titles just because this game lacks a lot of things. Peace

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