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Tomb Raider wii!!

posted by Longshot (STATE CENTER, IA) Jan 21, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Wii has two main differences compared to the other versions of the game. The first are the controls. For the most part I like the Wii versions controls, but there are a few things I found to be a bit bothersome. The camera controls to start with. Normally the camera is fixed behind Lara which works just fine but some times you will want/need to look around to do this you hit the C button and then use the Wiimote to move the camera. The camera moves a bit slow when doing this and it can be a bit hard to line up a jump fast when you need to. Other main controller difference is that instead of a hitting a button to climb a ladder or swim faster you shake the Nunchuk. I found this to be pretty neat , but I could see how some people could find this to be of kind tiresome. The second big difference between the Wii version of TRA and the other Versions of the game are the puzzles. Many of them have been changed a bit for the Wii. For instants instead of pulling a lever to open a door like in the other versions of game you will have to do some sort of puzzle to open it. The puzzles very from using the Wiimote like a brush to uncover a code to a door or using the Wiimote to move gears around. Some of the secrets pick ups have been changed too. Instead of just picking up the item after you’ve found it, you may have to use the Wiimote like a brush to uncover it or use the Wiimote like a pickaxe before you can pick it up. Both the new puzzles and the changes to the secret pick ups are a nice touch that adds to the Tomb Raider experience. Graphics wise the Wii version looks better then the PS2 version of the game but not as good as the 360 version. Bottom line TRA on the Wii has inferior camera controls compared to the PS2 and 360 versions, but if you can get past that you will find that the changes to puzzles and secrets add more to the game then the camera controls take away. Making TRA on the Wii at the very least worth renting.

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Have to sell my Wii

posted by freakytoot (CORNING, NY) Jan 15, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

Tomb Raider is why I started gaming.
It was and is still the most exciting game that I have ever played.
BUT NOT ON THE Wii!!!!!!

I intended to have my son join me in a gaming experience with Tomb Raider Anniversary for the Wii.
It is so poorly constructed that it is nearly impossible to play....

The remote makes it very difficult to play this game with enjoyment. At each turn I was met with frustration and disappointment.

I really need to sell the Wii and get a Playstation3

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Great revisit of an old classic

posted by remalnat (MAMARONECK, NY) Jan 9, 2008

Member since Sep 2003

This is a fantastic adaptation/revisit.

The control is sometimes challenging (throwing the hook gave me quite a few issues) but it's really fun to play.

I add completed the original on the Playstation back in the days and spent quite some nights on it, same here.

A lot of the game feels "familiar" yet is different enough that it's not like replaying the old game.

And of course she looks better than ever!

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