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Tomb Raider: Anniversary


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Also on:PS2, Wii, Xbox 360
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ahhhhh, my long lost friend!

posted by Alicorn (CLEARLAKE, CA) Apr 1, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Whether you are a seasoned tomb raider Veteran like myself or this is your first time ever playing with Lara, this game is an awesome one. it takes you right back to the first tomb raider game (12 years ago) without being another run-of-the mill boring remake of a game people enjoyed over a decade ago. the visuals are captivating and the storyline is fun to play through. and it's really nice to see how far we've come since the days of PSone. If you are a fan who was driven away by Tomb Raider legends" you owe it to yourself to allow this game to redeem your love for Lara, and the adventures that left us hanging on the edge of our seats so many times before (without all of the bugs in the system and difficult controls) I enjoyed it so much that I refused to send it back and ended up purchasing the game for my personal collection :)

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GF Rating

Very Good

Over all a solid PSP game.

posted by Longshot (STATE CENTER, IA) Mar 24, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

I wouldn’t recommend TRA on the PSP to anyone who’s just looking to rent the game, There are better versions of the game to rent then the PSP version.
The main drawback on the PSP are the camera controls. You use the L and R buttons to move the camera left or right while moving. But if you want to be able to look up and down you have to stop and hold the triangle button then you can use the analog stick to move the camera around like in the PS2/360 versions of the game. That works ok when you don’t have to move fast for some reason like a puzzle or while in combat, it just feels a bit awkward. But when you need to move fast because of puzzle being on a timer or combat adjusting the camera can be a real pain. I want to be clear I only have a problem with the camera controls when compared to other versions of the game. The camera controls are actually pretty good for the PSP. Probably the best we can hope for on the PSP. There are some other control issues but none of them are very serious. There are some frame rate and graphical troubles now and then but none of that is very serious. The game isn’t all bad. Once you get past the controls you will find the same great game play that is in the other versions of the game, but portable. Basically with the PSP version you’re giving up solid controls in favor of portability. If you’re just renting the game to play at home I would recommend going with one of the other versions of the game (360, PS2 or Wii). But if you’re gone a lot and want to be able to carry the game with you and you can put up with some so so camera controls TRA on the PSP is a great rent or buy.

Be safe all and happy gaming.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Puzzles Galore

posted by Spagball (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 26, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Sep 2004

Challenges abound in this TR title for PSP. If you don't frustrate easily, this game will definitely capture attention. Expansive levels with plenty of tricks and traps to stump. I'm only into the second section of this game and I've logged a few hours on this title. So get used to running, jumping, grappling, and shooting your way through the various levels. I've read there are some unlockables available in the Croft Manor (off the main menu), but I haven't even gotten to that, b/c I've been busy trying to get through the main levels.

Somebody mentioned the camera being a problem. I can see their point. But, it's not so bad that it make the game unplayable. In fact it's generally pretty solid. L and R shoulder buttons let you pan around and if you are really stuck for an alternate view it helps to go into the aiming mode.

All in all this is a really solid game. But, as far as replayability, might not be much fun once you figure it out and finish it.

Definite Rent.

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