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Great Game with some minor flaws.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) Jun 13, 2007

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First things first, if you didnt like Tomb Raider Legend, you probably wont like this one either. It uses the same exact mechanics and offers some new abilities but its basically a Tomb Raider Legend: Rebirth (which is what i think it should have been called). You dont have some of the helpful gadgets like in legend, but it doesnt matter cuz they wouldnt be of any use. You have the magnet grapple and you get the dual pistols as well as other weapons along the way. Like i said, this game is very similar to Legened, so teh platforming and puzzles are similar too. Basically you go from room to room figuring out how to get from point A, to point B. You scale, run, and swing from walls, solve basic and unique puzzles and fight enemies. Thats pretty much it, but the way in which Anniversary does this is very unique. Its always somthing completely new and constantly challening you JUST enough to keep things interesting. The only complaints i'd have to say about TR:A is that the context sensitive parts arent as fun and deep as in Legend, also, platforming sotimes can get tedious as its somtimes hard to tell if your going to make it to that ledge or pole, or fall off and die. So it takes several tries usually to nail a certain section but it seems that you where able to do it easy the first time, and then it doesnt work right the next few times. Also, occasionally a few glitches occur that make laura either compeletly miss a ledge or fall off a platform. This gets annoying on some hard parts but it happens rarely. The graphics are also beautiful, just like they where on legened (for the PS2 of course, not the 360 which was surpirorily better). The temples, tombs, water and everything look gourgeous.
GAMEPLAY: 8.6/10
GRAPHICS: 9.7/10
OVERALL:9.5/10 Its a great game. Its a definite rent if not, buy.

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Classic Tomb Raider!

posted by AnimeGamer (EUGENE, OR) Jul 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

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I havent played through a Tomb Raider since #2 back on PS1, and this game really lives up to the classic gameplay the series was made famous for! Anniversary ditches the cheesey diologue, stupid sidekicks and nameless guards and wisely chooses to return to the series` roots with ancient temple mazes and puzzles that will induce nostalgia! Even the way Laura moves will bring back memories, making you say "I remember the way she used to do that!". Intricately designed gameplay that feels solid, and situations that will really make you think. I spent 2 hours alone, just starting in Croft Manor! This game is a must if you dont think much of Laura`s recent quests. A real jem!

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Well Done Remake

posted by Dimitry (SAINT ALBANS, NY) Jun 8, 2007

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Let's get it all out on the table.My baby Lara is back in her remake 10yrs anniversary,and she's looking hot and fun more than ever.

If you've been living under a rock or in a tomb Anniversary is Lara's original 1996 adventure re-imagined with the Legend engine. That means you're chasing the Scion of Atlantis through Peru, Greece and Egypt like in the original game but you have access to Lara's grappling hook, 45-degree jumps and shimmy abilities like in Legend.

The gameplay in this game its really fun and very easy to get into with new moves and stuff, if ur looking for a new and better Lara,this is the one to rent.The story its slef is really well done which is going to make u want to see more of lara so far best tomb raider yet.

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