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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

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Also on:GC, GBA, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Rifle rapid-fire

Equip the rifle and press L3. The bullets on the screen will be a bit darker. This indicates that you have switched to rapid-fire mode. Be careful, as you cannot simply hold the trigger as you could before; the gun will shoot as much until you release.

Better sniper mode accuracy

For better accuracy on sniper mode, press and hold L1. REMEMBER: This may take a few seconds to start.


Hit an enemy from close with a bottle. Hit an enemy from close with a disp. camera.

Infinite Health

Go to a tree and press up 3 times.

Keypad codes

Training The Keypad Door: 28469 Mission 1, Police Station Blaustein's Balcony Door: 091772 Mission 2, Defense Ministry No keypad doors Mission 3, Oil Refinery No keypad doors Mission 4, CIA HQ Technical Services Room: 7687 Battery Generator Backup Room: 110598 Storage Room: 2977 Main Server Room: 2019 Weapons Testing Department: 110700 West Entrance to Information Retrieval: 0614 Mission 5, Kalinatek Security Door: 97531 Archives Department: 33575 Back Door on Third Floor: 1250 Mission 6, Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Rod Control Room: 560627 Door to Maintenance Shaft: 151822 Maintenance Shaft: 795021 Mission 7, Chinese Embassy No keypad doors Mission 8, Abbotoir Door to Ceiling: 770215 Mission 9, Chinese Embassy Door to Hall: 1423 Door at Back of Warehouse: 1456 Door to Elevator: 7921 Door to General Keirong's Office: 1836 Mission 10, Presidential Palace Garden Gate: 2126 Door to Corridor: 70021

How to rapidly drop a body

When moving a body. equip your weapon. This will automatically drop the body.

Hiding bodies

After you have disposed of enemies in an area, make sure that you still hide them, even though no one is nearby. Before going to another checkpoint, the alarm may ring, and it will say that a body was found. Try to hide all bodies in hidden areas for best results.

Luring your enemy

To do this, find a can or glass bottle to pick up. Once obtained, move to a location, preferably dark. While hidden, throw the can or bottle to an open area with an enemy nearby. When thrown, the enemy will wonder what happened and walk towards that location. After you have drawn him out, you can take him out for an easy kill.