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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

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GREAT Spy Game!

posted by Sensewu (VISALIA, CA) Jun 28, 2007

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Splinter Cell is definitely one of the best spy games out. You play as Sam Fisher, who is a member of the NSA, and you go on missions in different parts of the world to do missions, mainly to find information and either take out people.

The graphics in this game aren't bad, for being an early Xbox release, the game actually looks decent. It runs really smooth, and has a good shadow effect allowing you to hide in the shadows to hide from enemies and so on.

The sound in this game is nothing great, since there isn't really much music during missions, just faint sounds here and there. And of course, the sound when you've been spotted, intense.

The controls in this game are really good and tightly controlled, its easy to maneuver. You can jump, crouch/crouch walk/run and run. You can hang onto poles to get across areas, and glide down zip lines etc. The game has a really good controls system.

Overall, I think the first Splinter Cell is one of the best in the series. Its original, has its own style that differentiates itself from other games in the same type of genre. The AI isn't too bad in this game, even though sometimes they seem to be stupid and get spooked for absolutely no reason lol but it doesn't bring down the game at all. The game also has a good list of missions and things to accomplish, some are easy, but as you progress, most of the missions get harder. Just a tip, some of the areas in the game take strategic planning beforehand, so most of the game you'll have to have some patience.

But I highly recommend this game to the hardcore gamer, or just casual gamer. Awesome game.

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Very Good

very good,but not as much as double agent

posted by bkdpatnode (LACEY, WA) May 25, 2011

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it was a very good game and it had some pretty good,challenging,difficult,and fun stages that i had a good time with but i still got kinda frustrated with some parts. The really frustrating parts were having to get around the people to grab and interigate. Also putting #`s in the cube to unlock the code. the lock picks were not so frustrating but it sometimes gets in the way. the codes you put in that are just buttons are super frustrating,i mean i just COULD NOT get past those! Especially The cubed ones! If your not patient and you like to just play the game don`t get this. You have to be patient and wait for them to get around then interigate or just pass. You have to think smart and figure out stuff using brains. It`s a stealth game.

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The splinter cell series is the best

posted by KillaKali (ANTIOCH, CA) Jun 22, 2006

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the only games better than this on xbox is splinter cell 2 and 3. and hopefully 4 which comes out in september. the series is the best unless you like the halo series. the series has maybe the best great graphics of all xbox games. the game play was also great. the moves were fun. you fell like you're in a movie. the character of Sam Fisher really makes you get into the game to. this game revolutionized stealth (shadows, sound, and killing. distract enemies, knock them out kill them in so many different ways. i thought it couldn't get better till part 2 and 3 came out. so if you're into action, killing, getting scared every once in a while, and a challenge. get all the splinter cell games.

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