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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


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Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


Crouching: Press Control Pad Down to crouch. Sam's movement is quieter and he is less visible while crouching.

Roll: When crouched, tap Control Pad Left or Right twice to execute a roll. It allows Sam to quickly move while crouched.

Grab Enemy: Gran an enemy from behind and force him to cooperate, use him as a human shield, or simply knock him down by using the A Button.

Close Attack: With your weapon holstered, press the B Button when very close to an enemy to hit him with your fist, pistol, or rifle butt.

Drag Body: Use the B Button while crouching to drag an unconscious body into a dark area to avoid its detection by other enemies.

Climbing: To climb a pipe, ladder, vertical cable, or fence, simply walk into it and press Control Pad Up or Down. Press the A Button again to jump off.
Hint: Tap Control Pad Down twice to speed your descent on pipes.

Shimmying: Jump by pressing the A Button to grab and hang from ledges above Sam's head. Sam can move left and right as well as pull himself up if there is room. Press Control Pad Down or jump again to let go of a ledge.

Hand-over- Hand: Jump by pressing the A Button to grab hold of a horizontal pipe. Bring Sam's legs up to clear obstacles by pressing Control Pad Up.

Hanging Shooting: Sam can equip and fire his weapon while hanging from a pipe, but only if his legs are not tucked. Press the R Button to equip the selected weapon.

Drop Attack: If you can get above an enemy and drop directly onto him, you will knock him out.

Rappelling: To rappel from a small chimney, stand near it and select the Rappel interaction. Sam can move up and down the rope. Tap Control Pad Down tiwce to speed up your descent.

Wall Sneak: Hide in shadows or behind objects or go through tight spots by using Control Pad Up.
Hint: You can move left or right when sneaking on the walls.

Control Pad UP = Interact with objects (first-aid kit, safe, computer), Stand, Open door, Climb up, Raise Sam's leg (while holding a horizontal pipe). DOWN = Crouch, Climb down. LEFT/RIGHT = Move Sam, Run (double-tap).
A Button Jump
B Button Strike/use weapon
L Button Sticky Camera. Hold the L Button to activate Sticky Camera mode. This mode allows you to explore the environment around Sam and see the field of detection of the surveillance camera. When using the free camera, Sam is vulnerable, so be sure to place him in a safe area before using it.
R Button Draw pistol
Start/Pause START = Pause the game/access inventory and objectives. SELECT = Switch quickly between weapons.