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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


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GF Rating

Very Good

Hard But Fun

posted by goudan (BELLEVUE, WA) Jun 15, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is great. Although it is really really hard. It will get frustrating often. still its fun. Graphics are nice, animations work very well, its a fun stealth game. Bad: gets frustrating often, it's really hard.

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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

posted by zenubio (FARMINGTON, MN) Jan 25, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Aug 2003

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is a step better than the original splinter cell. Controls are tweaked a little bit, save spots a touch more frequent. Again the graphics are simply amazing for an original xbox game.

I still found this game really hard and frustrating because you had to do things OVER and OVER again. Some of it was just dump stuff like cut scenes.

It's a solid game that any splinter cell fan should play. If you can hang with it Chaos Theory (the next one) is much improved over this one, so play through it with a walkthrough to get the story and then really enjoy chaos theory.

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Great Sequel From A Great Series!

posted by Sensewu (VISALIA, CA) Jun 28, 2007

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Member since Jun 2007

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Just like the original Splinter Cell, this is another great game. Even though there isn't too much new stuff to be found, the game has a couple additions. The graphics are a tad better, a couple more maneuvering options, and some new gadgets but nothing too big worth noticing. The reason I rate this the same as the original, is because I got the same fun out of it that I did as the first one.

The graphics in this game are again, decent but not great. They are better than the first, but overall nothing huge.

The sound in this game is just the original, not much different but still good.

The controls in this game are great just like the first. Tight and good controls and easy to control Sam.

Overall, this is a great game and if you liked the first game, you'll definitely love this one. The only main difference you will notice is the storyline of course, and probably the better graphics and gadgets. One downfall is the story and game is shorter than the first, but not by a whole lot. Check this one out!

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if you like the first one. you'll love this one

posted by KillaKali (ANTIOCH, CA) Jun 22, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Again ubisoft managed to make another great splinter cell game. some people think this game is hard. but is you beat the 1st one u should be able 2 get through this one in like a week. unless you play on hard and if so good luck. its a grat game though great graphics just like the first. gameplay is even better than the first. you still get the perfect night vision and the best thermal vision i've seen on any game. maybe what makes this game better than the fist is the online play.

if you havent played the firt one it think you should. but if you wanna just skip through that one let me sum the game up for you. you're an agent. stealth is your biggest weapon. you're arme with night vision and thermal vision so don't be afraid of the dark. you have a pistol, and a type of cool rifle that also has a launch. you can launch a camera near your enemy. make the camera whistle. enemies go towards the sound. when you see the enemies on the cam. pust the button and the camerea unleashes a gas that woll knock out your enemy. and stuff like that. oh yea and your also armed with your hand so creep up on your enemies snap thier neck, grab them and interrogate them or use them as human shiels.

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posted by smallpuppy (CADILLAC, MI) Nov 10, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

1 out of 6 gamers (17%) found this review helpful

as much as i want to love it it's wayyyyyyyy to hard

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posted by JackRyan37 (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Aug 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

Boring. That's it.

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