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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


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Also on:GC, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Level select

After finishing the game under the normal or hard difficulty setting, when you go back into the game make sure you go over towards the level select instead of checkpoints. You could lose your data and have to do it over again if the wrong choice is made.

Capturing Suhadi Sadono

After killing off all of Sadono's guards, lure him into a dark corner then shoot him with a Ring Airfoil. Then, run up behind him and grab him. You can now force him to use the retinal scanner and complete the mission.

Easier aiming with SC-20K

Click the Right Analog-stick to zoom in the sniper scope, then press L to hold your breath. You should be able to get a good shot while Sam remains still.

Knocking out guards

To knock out a guard without using a Sticky Shocker or a Air Foil, shoot a Sticky Cam at their head. REMEMBER: It must hit him directly in the head for the guard to get knocked out.

Find mines easily

In order to find mines in the camp mission, turn on the thermal vision.


To whistle, press Black. This will usually make a guard approach the sound. REMEMBER: Hide in a dark area and whistle, then jump the guard when he stops.


To move quieter, crouch down and walk slower. This will make your steps softer, and keep you undetected to a limit.