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Everybody Has It Wrong

posted by ExceLumen (Ash Fork, AZ) Jun 10, 2008

Member since May 2008

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Almost all the reviews on this game say: [1] "How horrible the controls are, moving the camera, and ... just moving." In my opinion, having to hold down the "O" button to move the camera is not a good thing, but certainly not a bad thing; [2] "The graphics aren't good, when in night vision, and you have to stay in night vision almost the whole game." It is true that you have to stay in night vision almost the entire game, but that is what creates the atmosphere of the game. In my opinion, the graphics are quite acceptable in night vision, but certainly could be improved upon; [3] "The difficulty is too great, and one should always go in with a back-up plan." In my opinion, this is completely ludicrous (fine, you can go in with a back up plan, but ... ?). Now, I don't want you to get me wrong, "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials" was no cake-walk, but I mean ... it's just not as tough as they say it is ... please note that I am no expert gamer, I'm just a novice (but maybe I'm better than I think).

There are a few other things that could have been improved upon, such as the loading time, which could have been cut down greatly, and the fact that you can have only your knife and not your side-arm or primary firearm.

This is my first "Splinter Cell", and I enjoyed it a lot. "Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror" is, however, a much better game, in all respects.

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dude....... not cool

posted by ijovbuster (SAN JOSE, CA) Oct 22, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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hmmm... where do i start? well although the psp's graphics leave alot to be desired, this edition of splinter cell is a total waste of cash, you might expect that its a version of double agent for the psp, not the case at all, i thought so because of the similar trailers and covers but no. the guns in the game are very satisfying to shoot, but they quickly run out of ammo and you cannot replenish said ammo until you start another level(and the levels are incredibly long) its just sad, the game is kinda cool for like 20-min then just becomes a snore fest, so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!! thank you for reading, happy gaming!!!!

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Splinter Cell PSP (Rent don't Buy)

posted by Disciple (SHREVEPORT, LA) Apr 16, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

15 out of 19 gamers (79%) found this review helpful

The game will get you hooked and you'll not put it down (if you like a challenge) If you are easily frustrated then STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

Graphics are ok if you can see them and night vision causes you to loose any sense of depth. However you'll find that you have to play the majority of the game in night vision mode. Make sure you play in a pitch black room!

The Camera control has to be the biggest negative of this game for me... For the entire game I simply could not get comfortable with the camera. Tapping "o" will center the view but you will find that you have to quit walking do so. You will find that several time in the game you are in a tight spot with absolutely no view other than the inside of Sams face. Weapons control are ok, no complaints. AI are not top notch - they are aggressive and need no actual line of sight to you. They are however a good shot - so beware do let them shoot at you. Also with the games darkness, poor gfx NightVision mode and bad Camera Control you will end up dying unless you follow this one rule when you are being shot at.
"Take cover first then look for threat" always start the level with a pre-planned escape path or hiding spot - know where it is! when you are going to need it you may not be able to move the camera quick enough to actually see it! You just have to know where it is!

Of course you can't blame the game fully for the controls - as the PSP lacks the second stick you will have to adjust your style of play if you are a PS2 player.
If you have a PSP you should know this already.

Game load time is a bit on the slow side and I have experience several game freezes and system crashes while playing.

All in all the game was Fair. I have no regrets of "RENTING" but would have been kicking myself for Buying it. If you are a Hard Core Splinter Cell Fan then you may want to stay away. If you love everything Splinter Cell then you must add this to your collection.

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