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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent


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Also on:GC, Xbox, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3

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Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

Control Stick (Nunchuk) Move. Climb (Walk Into Pipe, Ladder, Vertical Cable, or Fence).
Control Pad Up = Enter/Exit Zoom Mode. Down = Prepare Throw. Draw/Holster Weapon. Rappel, Hanging, and Split-Jump Shooting. Left = Switch Vision. Right = Quick Inventory or Quick Switch (Hold). Zoom In/Out (Zoom Mode).
C Button (Nunchuk) Crouch. Stand. Jump Off/Let Go. Roll (Hold While Running).
A Button Interact. Reload (When Weapon Drawn). Lethal Water Kill (When Near NPC). Pick Up Object. Deactivate Wall Mine. Hack Into System.
B Button Lethal Attack. Primary Fire Single Shot (Hold). Primary Fire Full-Auto. Throw Object.
Z Button (Nunchuk) Non-Lethal Attack. Secondary Fire or OCP (Hold When Equipped). Hold Breath (When Sniper Is Equipped). Lob Object.
- Button OPSAT/PDA Menu
+ Button Pause Menu
1 Button Whistle. Co-op Move (When In Co-op Mode).
2 Button Sticky Camera
Combo #1 Move Camera = Point Remote At Screen and Move Arrow Cursor Around
Combo #2 Jump. Swing Legs Up To Clear Obstacles. Split Jump (When Facing Wall) = Swing Nunchuk Up or Down. Let Go (Press C Button).
Combo #3 Back To Wall = Twist Nunchuk Right or Left
Combo #4 Switch Shoulder Left or Right = Twist Nunchuk Right or Left (When Weapon Drawn)
Combo #5 Pick Lock = Twist Remote Gently Right or Left When Picking Lock Until First Pin Moves
Combo #6 Mantle = Swing Nunchuk Up and Push Forward Into Low Objects (Crates or Tables)
Combo #7 Hand-Over-Hand = Swing Nunchuk Up or Down to Grab and Hang From Ledges Above Sam's Head. Let Go (Press C Button).
Combo #8 Inverted Neck Snap = B Button For Lethal Attack or A Button/Z Button For Non-Lethal Attack (When Holding Horizontal Pipe With Legs Up Above NPC)
Combo #9 Zip Line = Swing Nunchuk Up or Down (To Jump and Grab Hold of Sloped Wire or Zip Line). Let Go (Press C Button).
Combo #10 Control Pad Left + A Button = Defuse Bomb

Control Stick (Nunchuk) Grab Guard. Move Undetected.
Control Pad Down = Equip Sidearm and Fire While Using Human Shield
A Button Put Down Body Quietly
Specific Interaction Button Interrogate NPC. Force NPC To Cooperate.
1 Button Whistle (Press and Hold)