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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3, GC, PS2, Xbox
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Fisher, why can't you aim a Wiimote?

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) May 28, 2009

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I must confess, I love Splinter Cell. Each incarnation of the franchise has been better and richer than the last. And I love Sam Fisher... in a completely platonic way of course. I even loved Splinter Cell: Double Agent... on the Xbox. On the Wii, however, this series sinks quick.
On the surface, the Wii version of this game is basically the same as it's PS2 and Xbox counterparts (note that it's not the very different version from other next-gen consoles Xbox360 and PS3). And it basically is, although the level design has been changed around somewhat.
The biggest difference is the most discouraging: controls. The Wii control scheme sinks this game fast. You never feel comfortable with the layout, constantly searching for the right button. Motion controls are misused, such as the nunchuk twist used for hugging a wall or shaking it to jump. And aiming is a joke. Although you would assume the light-sensor in the Wiimote would make this easy, it is made overly-complicated by leading the reticule instead of taking control of it directly. Why? I have no &%$#ing idea. But it makes the need for quick precision a near impossibility. Because of all these control issues, a stealth game like Double Agent loses much of it's detailed sneakiness. And that's why we play these games.
If you have an old console, you'll want to play the Double Agent on that system instead. And if you want a completely different game, pick up the version for another next-gen system. As for the Wii, it's the last version you want. Sorry Fisher, this is one mission you failed.

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Really Bad

Fist time playing

posted by Talon787 (HAMILTON, AL) Apr 13, 2009

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wow controls are bad what can I say played it for 2days because its the first time playing a stealth shooter so I thought it was me but this game controls like a bike with one wheel and half a handle bar. I think I would have liked the game if I could have seen where I was going most of the time. But you will rent it any way and you will see

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controls are bad

posted by magnafux (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 8, 2009

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The controls kept me from finding anything out about how good or bad this game might be.

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