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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent


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Also on:Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, GC, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

Directional Pad Up = EMF Vision. Down = Sticky Camera. Left = Night Vision. Right = Thermal Vision.
Left Thumbstick Move. Zoom. Switch Handedness.
Right Thumbstick Camera Control. Enter/Exit EEV (Click). Enter/Exit Zoom (Click In Aiming Mode).
A Button Interact. Reload (In Aiming Mode). Hack into System. Defuse Bomb. Revive Teammate (When Close By).
B Button Crouch. Stand. Drop Attack. Jump Off Pipe, Ladder, Vertical Cable, or Fence. Roll (Press and Hold While Running).
X Button Equip Item. Throw Object. Shoot While Rappelling (Only Pistol and SC-20K). Shoot While Hanging. Shoot or Throw Grenade While In Split Jump.
Y Button Jump. Mantle. Grab and Hold Ledge, Horizontal Pipe, or Zip Line (Press Again to Raise Legs).
White Button Inventory
Black Button Whistle. Co-Op Actions.
Left Trigger Non-Lethal Attack. Secondary Fire.
Right Trigger Lethal Attack. Primary Fire.
Start Pause
Back Display OPSAT or PDA

A Button Lay Body Down Quietly
X Button Use Enemy As Human Shield While Firing
Y Button Drop Body In Hurry
Black Button Whistle. Destract Guard.
Left Trigger Select to Interrogate NPC
Right Trigger Force NPC to Use Object

Directional Pad Up = Toggle Aiming Laser On/Off. Zoom In (In Snipe Mode). Down = Consult Sticky Camera. Zoom Out (In Snipe Mode). Left = Use Night Vision Goggles.
Left Thumbstick Move
Right Thumbstick Camera Control. Enter Snipe Mode (Click). Look Back (Click When Unarmed).
A Button Contextual Action (Hack Into CPU, Heal Teammate When Close By, Upload Stolen Data in Blitz and Key Run Game Modes).
B Button Crouch. Stand. Roll (Hold). Release Ledge, Ladder, or Pipe.
X Button Equip or Take Out Weapon
Y Button Jump. Flip Jump. Ledge Hang. Climb.
Black Button Toggle Help On/Off
Left Trigger Use Gadget
Right Trigger Fire Weapon. Close Combat Attack. Elbow Strike.