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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent

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posted by devinS (GRESHAM, OR) Nov 5, 2006

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Okay first off, i played the first splinter cell game constantly when it first came out. I only played the pandora tomorrow for a few missions, and that was it. And with chaos theory, i played a few missions, and that was it. The reason i dident like the last few, was because it was the same exact thing, with a different story. With the same graphics, the same physics and techniques. But, chaos theory had better graphics, and rag doll physics, but still the same.

With splinter cell double agent, it is improved a little bit. It has better graphics than the other ones, sam fisher has a new look with his baldness and costume. Double agent really isnt hard, its quite simple, well depending on what your difficulty level is, but that has nothing to do with it. I think its a little fun than the other splinter cells, with the rag doll physics. And i like how when you shoot someone with a gun in the game, the enemies flop all over the place, and also they go down in a split second after you shoot them, especially in the head, thats realistic and cool. Also, the enemies can fall off thing too, when you kill them, which is fun. They fall like a rag doll. I like how you have a few new techniques on killing enemies, and knocking them out.

And there is a little more to the gameplay, such as weapons and gadgets i suppose, but not really. And the story is pretty good to. Its sad how the story begins, and on how sam fisher is sent to prison as a dangerous undercover mission. And you break out of prison with a friend of fisher's and he puts fisher in the jba. And you have to decide with certain decisions on going towards the good side to the nsa, and the jba as the bad side. The thing is, on the last mission i was on, i had to kill all the bad guys i was working for, including the boss, and then my trust level went all the way up to the good guys. I beat the game, and got a climax. And also, the bonus map missions a good, and humorous.

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posted by Streetz (GRIMES, IA) Nov 1, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

YEA!!!!!!!! REnt this game its the best. first you start in a mission in the middle of no were(there was snow). and from there you continue beat the mission and bamm! your in jail making chooses of wat to do. but dont go to good or too bad or eles the boss will call you and tell you to get to a computer or mission will be failed witch really sux.:( but its a great game to get so put it at the top of your Q becuase im returnin mine tomaro i beat it!

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good if u never seen the xbox 360 version

posted by 25sucks (NORTH BABYLON, NY) Oct 29, 2006

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my rating is weak compared the the xbox 360 version
xbox360= no HUD no shadow meter(its a light red=danger yellow equals in the light green = not able to be seen) the option to shoot someone or not not like in the ps2 version where u just see a cutscene about what happened and other missions on the xbox360 version and also the sticky cam can jump and explode annnnnnnnnnd yea

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