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Decent, but I wouldn't buy it.

posted by Captiosus (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Apr 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I had a massive review here but apparently it was over 2000 chars, so I'll just summarize.

Solo Story: Short, predictable, gimmicky. I love how silenced weapons alert everyone in the neighborhood. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a silencer if a single silenced shot up in the air will put every enemy in the vicinity into a patrol, now doesn't it? Lousy control scheme - A button does TOO much and causes problems.

Multiplayer Coop Story: Short, laggy and glitchy. Severe video lag abounds and I've tested it on multiple systems of various generations of the xbox and they all suffer the same issues which means it's a game problem. Melee hit detection suffers from a lot of problems. It's really fun to be in the middle of a hand-to-hand kill only to suddenly be on the receiving end of a choke hold. Allow me to clarify that the enemy NPC isn't countering the hand-to-hand melee attack at all, rather he's already taken one or two hits and then boom - you're in a choke hold from the same NPC.

Multiplayer (Deniable Ops): Frustrating and boring. The same tired levels as multiplayer coop story plus two more and three game modes, two of which require lots of stealth. Yet the multiplayer is so buggy that, you can be down to one enemy who is across the map and, somehow, he "sees" you even though you're not near him nor does he have any special gear. The game also loves to randomly disconnect which makes playing these modes oh so fun as you have to start completely over if either person DC's.

Solo Deniable Ops: The exact same game modes and types as multiplayer deniable Ops.

uPlay: The writing is on the wall with this. Expect to have to buy content directly from Ubisoft in the future, including things already on disk but "locked". No thanks, Ubi.

Solid rental, decent distraction for about 10 hours combined story modes. Not worth the price to own because multiplayer will be forgotten in weeks and single player deniable ops would just be mind-numbingly repetitive.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Conviction Falls Short

posted by CPTChaos (STAFFORD, VA) May 28, 2010

Member since May 2010

11 out of 17 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

I am a long time SC fan, and I was really looking forward to this game.
When I first loaded it up, I was impressed by the sound quality, the stunning visuals, and the customization options available for weapons.

The combat system is impressive, but the button layout is not intuitive at all. For instance, most games have settled upon the "X" button for reloading. Well, hit the "X" button in conviction, and you are chucking a grenade. It can be a little distracting.

After making my first kill, I realized that there was something missing... I couldn't pick up and stash a body in a dark corner. I survived many hours of playing previous SC games by disposing that annoying guard in a drainage ditch or an air dutch. On the flip side, I became much more picky about where I might drop an unsuspecting foe. But really, this isn't a reason to dismiss the game.

Another interesting addition to the game is the ability to pick up enemy weapons. This is helpful in a pinch, but typically, you lose the ability to fire a silenced weapon. SC Conviction also adds weapon stashes through out the game, and they usually appear when you've run out of explosives and you're heading into an area where you're going to need alot more of them.

With all of the changes, upgrades and additions, one there is one glaring problem with the game. It takes the average gamer about 8 to 10 hours to play through. Up to this point, the game really rates a 9, but the short game play is incredibly disappointing.

I highly recommend renting this game over buying it. At least that way you won't throw away $60.

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GF Rating


Worth it

posted by Irenemp (PORTLAND, OR) Apr 12, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

26 out of 43 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Ive Played every single Splinter cell since the very first always loved the series.
This game has a very good story line one of the best campaigns ive played.
The multiplayer is a bit disappointing
But i still love this game new features are outstanding and very refreshing.

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